Spring Collection


Yours by Sarah Ferrick
Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber
Mirror Mirror II edited by Sean T. Collins & Julia Gfrörer featuring work by Lala Albert  Clive Barker  Heather Benjamin  Apolo Cacho  Sean Christensen  Nicole Claveloux  Sean T. Collins  Al Columbia  Dame Darcy  Noel Freibert  Renee French  Meaghan Garvey  Julia Gfrörer  Simon Hanselmann  Claude Paradin  Aidan Koch  Laura Lannes  Céline Loup  Uno Moralez  Mou  Jonny Negron  Chloe Piene  Josh Simmons  Carol Swain Trungles


100 by Nou
Altcomics Magazine 5
Spring 2017
Gothic, nature, love letters — gorgeous works on paper

Hey gang! I wrote the foreword for this book, which I love with all my heart and which I think is genuinely important for how hard it pushes readers to examine deeply-held ideas of discomfort, ugliness, and terror, and the publisher’s kickstarter is at 55% with 10 days to go! We need your help to clear the finish line, and to that end if you send me proof of donation (like a screenshot, etc) at or here on Tumblr, I’ll draw anything you want and do an absolutely shit job of it. You’ll be able to mock and embarrass me for years!