Another Funny Scene from Gravitation

Old Dude: No you cannot.

Shuichi: Why not?! I’m baggage! I’m a suitcase! So I don’t need a passport! That’s the rule!

(He looks like a South Park character here. XD)

Old Dude: Just get out of here.

Shuichi: *cries*

Shuichi: Wah! Let go you bastard! You’re discriminating against suitcases!

Shuichi: I want you to ship me to New York! Ship me to New York right nooooowwwwwww!!!!!

K: That’s impossible.

Shuichi: NO! I’m going to New York. I’m going to look for Yuki. HERE I COME YUKIIIII!!!!!

K: *casts a fishing line*

Shuichi: Damn it let go! Let me go! No fair! NO FAIR!!!

(Haha this scene is hilarious, and it’s perfect timing for me to post it because I’m going to the airport tonight. ^^)