I’m gonna miss this place so much. I’m honestly holding back tears while writing this because I know there just isn’t going to be another place with that same vibe, that same atmosphere, and just that overall feeling of being surrounded by everyone you know. It’s been a wonderful 4 years at WWU, I really do wish I could start over and relive it again, but I guess it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Thank you WWU for giving me the greatest experience in my life so far. #WWU #Bellingham #Classof2013

One of the most talented kids and the best friend a dude could have. I know music was your escape Kyle, i know we didn’t have the exact same taste, I
always thought one day we would finally be able to form a band like we talked about when we were younger. I love you and Chase more
than life. #resteasy #bestfriends #classof2013