Classical Tour 2014


[May 3rd, 2014] Yoshiki Classical in Mexico City by @aPinkSpider

So finally, here are my pics <3 I was at front row almost in the middle so I got many cute pics >w< Each photo I took was merely to share this beautiful moment with you all <3

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Yoshiki Classical & Special Announcement IN L.A., The Grammy Museum [19.Feb.2014]

Here’s a brief of what happened yesterday:

  • Yoshiki had a exhibition corner in Grammy Museum. Yoshiki was humble when he spoke of having some of his items in the Grammy Museum [ x ] Stan Lee introduced Yoshiki with, ‘No one asked ME if they could have my clothes to exhibit’. [ x ]
  • Yoshiki is working with Mr. Stan Lee on the “Blood Red Dragon”. [ x ]
  • The setlist was the next: 01. Forever Love | 02. Golden Globe Theme | 03. Red Rhapsody | 04. I.V. | 05. Art of Life | 06. Endless Rain
  • Red Rhapsody is the new Violet UK song! Katie Fitzgerald was the vocalist.
  • Yoshiki announced the Classical Tour with Marc Geiger.
  • Afterwards, he talked about tour dates with a screen behind him showing venues. He had to put on his glasses because “it was so fuxxin bright”. He read Costa Mesa venue difficulty, ending his sentence as “so… that place!” lol
  • Even he was nervous he made funny jokes all the time.
  • About Mexico: “I’m too excited to go to Mexico” and said “¡Qué pasa!” in spanish.
  • There will be an announcement regarding X JAPAN activities on March 14 at SXSW.
  • Yoshiki also said he’s composing Art of Life Chapter 2 as well.

Interview mit Yoshiki [ Interview with Yoshiki from JaME Deutschland ]

Brief & translation thanks to X Japan Indonesia:

  • The upcoming tour will be a piano and strings concert, with intimate feelings, not full orchestra [ x ]
  • Besides from X JAPAN Album, Yoshiki is also working on Yoshiki Classical II [ x ]
  • Yoshiki shot two music videos, both for the classical version of “ROSA” and “Forever Love” [ x ]
  • Seems “ROSA” Classical version (or maybe, Strings Quartet version) will be on Yoshiki Classical II [ x ]
  • Yoshiki is working on a theme-song for an animated film [ x ]
  • There’s really something that will going on with X JAPAN in October [ x ]
  • Blood Red Dragon will seems get a TV-Series [ x ]

[June 11, 2014] Yoshiki arrives to Taipei

Some media suspect she is his girlfriend; others confirm: “Yoshiki arrived in Taiwan at the afternoon with his girlfriend. Is understood that he and his girlfriend have ‘frequent interaction’.”

ENews says: “She’s the 28-year-old American TV actress Katie Gill. When she was 15, she was a model. At age 18 she moved to Osaka, and did commercials. Later returned to Los Angeles. She was a guest at "NCIS: LA” and other albums. In 2011 Yoshiki took her to attend the Grammy Music Awards.

Source: Celebrity Yahoo | News LTN | Real Time News | ENews


[June 12, 2014] Yoshiki Classical World Tour Part 1 Taipei Press Conference

There was a press conference in Taipei. Taiwanese media seems to put a lot of pressure on him since his arrival. Acording to these articles “Yoshiki press conference was delayed for an hour before the start. He said he fainted because he’s jet lagged and tired. Yoshiki let his musicians and lead singer to be on stage together, but his girlfriend wasn’t there, when he was asked for the 28-year-old rumored girlfriend –American actress Katie Gill– where they will go for a walk after the concert, he play the fool and said: ‘I don’t know what are you talking about. This is no my girlfriend !!’

When came out, seemed a little bit disappointed, but when he saw the organizers brought the piano cake, he dug it with the hand to eat, that was quite funny, cute. Yoshiki also said that by night he will arrange a special song for the Taiwanese fans.”

The last article says: “Yoshiki also admitted that he hasn’t a very normal life, staying up late, drinking, doesn’t listen to the doctors advises. He said he will perform until he can’t and joked asking to his fans that he wants everyone to see his show as soon as possible, otherwise who knows when…bye bye. In fact, Yoshiki has a bad habit of being late, his big press conference yesterday was one hour late. He was asked why the singer and strings players are all ladies, he said he can settle them all in one dressing room. Life is not normal for a long injury healed; Yoshiki said his life is not healthy, don’t sleeping, drinking red wine. He only cares himself by eating vitamins, or going to the gym.” At the end says something that I coudn’t understand.

Yoshiki felt media pressure I guess, so he twitted: “I past out this morning… I think I’ve been traveling and working too much.. My dear fans and Taiwan press.. I’m so sorry I was late.. I fainted before this PC, I’ll still perform the show.. I talked to doctors, and I’ll continue the Yoshiki World Tour.. Love you! !”

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