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Ella siempre está si la tengo que encontrar, ella es todo lo que sé, es ella. Ella me ha enseñao’ a vivir, a soñar, ella me hace avanzar, es ella. Ella es para mí lo mismo que para ti, ella se deja compartir, es ella. Ella es tan real que no la puedes ni tocar sólo se deja bailar, es ella.
—  Ella.

You can all act like you know who this is but again unless your a true “.Hip Hop Head”, you don’t.

Emcee Surreal. Jay Skills and Soulo.
These guys are a Florida based team that creates timeless bomb bap hip hop with soulful beats. If you want to start actually listening to “Real Hip Hop” this is s great place to start.

You can’t hear the full album here.


01 Introduction
02 Just Gettin’ Started
03 The Lesson
04 Push On
05 Truth Be Told
06 Place To Be
07 Night To Remember
08 Walk In The Park
09 Gifted
10 They Call Me
11 Life & Rhymes
12 True Indeed
13 The Rundown

These cats are so serious about their music and the love of the art that they let you download for free off their website.

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