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Which Doctor Who female companions have underrated beauty?

I think, to be honest, it’s Barbara Wright. 

There’s just something beautiful and very classic about Jacqueline Hill and she played such a strong iconic character in the 1960′s. Like the costume she wore in the Aztecs-she was simply beautiful and really goddess-like.

This is another photo of Jacqueline Hill in another film. 

Plus her life is fascinating. She was orphaned and raised by her grandparents and gave up her education as a child to allow her brother to continue education and she worked at Cadbury’s where there was an amateur dramatics there. 


“By death’s asteroid…”

The Pirate Planet - season 16 - 1978 (extended scene)

Bruce Purchase’s The Pirate Captain

Portrayed with pantomimic relish and in high camp

Not uncommon amongst guest-artists of the era.

Lewis Fiander’s Professor Tryst comes to mind.

And Graham Crowden’s Soldeed more immediately.

Or, come to think of it, even the heroic lead at times.

I love everything about the Graham Williams-produced seasons of Doctor Who, even though some fans dismiss his entire tenure as denigrating silliness.

Also, I adore his parrot.