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All of Time and Space. Anything that’s ever happened, anything that ever will.

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Every TV Doctor Who story 1963 - 2016

(An update of an old upload - now including the 2016 Christmas Special!)

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Favourite bits of Gallifrey lore from assorted actual Who stories (with varying levels of obscurity)
  • Gallifreyan dreams can seep into human dreams when they sleep together skin-to-skin
  • There are brothels in the Capitol lowtown
  • Rassilon stole regeneration from the Great Vampires
  • The Great Vampires may or may not also have been a living ophidian timeline multiform from outside the universe tearing its own time-flesh to shreds whose tainted neverwere Gallifreyan descendants make for really cool bone masks if you try hard enough 
  • Omega called Rassilon “Raz”
  • There’s at least one timeline where Rassilon and Omega were lovers
  • Say you’re a Gallifreyan and you accidentally end up investigating your own gruesome suicide on your first day at a new job try psychically melting into your President for a bit
  • The Doctor played lead perigosto stick for the Gallifrey Academy Hot Five until the Faculty closed them down (the Master was on drums)
  • Regeneration can be messed with so if you kinda want to be a bird or a worm or an H.P. Lovecraft character or a sentient patch of haze that can become an entire planetary ecosystem go for it
  • Gallifrey has a whole lotta cults on it and kicking them off the planet never quite works 
  • This one time the Corsair’s TARDIS and this one other TARDIS eloped and the Doctor had to step in and forcibly drag her back out of the Vortex again
  • This one time the Great Houses went and time-cloned Chris Cwej into an army
  • This one time Rassilon took Borusa and stuck a bunch of tubes into his flesh Junji Ito style to connect him directly to time itself 
  • TARDISes can eat each other
  • There’s something inside one of Gallifrey’s suns