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OKAY. I’m making this post because Black Women Matter and this story of police brutality needs to go beyond viral. Black Men where is the outrage containing the same magnitude of outrage Black Women had for all the young male children brutalized by police. For Gods sakes.

- The young child in the video was asked to leave the classroom by Math Teacher Mr. Robert Long (contact info below) for using her phone during class. Upon the young child saying “no” to this command, Mr. Long contacted Racist Police Officer to remove her.

- The girl did not resist the officer. Seen on the video and eye witness accounts by students in the class. The Racist officer then uses brutal force to remove her violently from her desk by grabbing her upper body and purposely knocking her desk (with her inside) to the ground.

- He then grabs her hair and upper body and throws her across the room. He kneels on her torso(laying all his weigh on her) and tell her not to move. Which is uncomically ironic because she was not resisting and did not move from the beginning of the entire interaction.

- Students then asked Mr. Long what he thought about the police brutality and which he replied “she should have cooperated”. Mr. Long you demonic bastard your going to burn in hell just like your buddy Office Ben Fields.

- The students told the investigators that they new something was wrong from the moment Racist Officer Fields entered the room. They said he told them to move their desks and that he would arrest them next if they tried to help.

- Ben Fields as numerous charges on racial discrimination. Students say he has been slamming students on the ground since he was hired. Including a pregnant teen. He benches over 600lbs and the students admit they’re scared of him and administration will of do anything. THE FACULTY AND STAFF KNEW HE WAS ASSAULTING CHILDREN AND DID NOTHING. This school has a lot of demons that are coming out. This also means Mr. Long called Officer Fields because he knew he would hurt her.


ADDRESS: 120 Sparkleberry Lane, Columbia, South Carolina 29229

PHONE NUMBER: 803-699-3500

SCHOOL DISTRICT: Richland County School District Two.


***TEACHER: ROBERT LONG CONTACT INFORMATION aka “She should have cooperated”***

SCHOOL PHONE: 803-699-3500 Extension:69324)


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I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it



Police in Texas have arrested a 14-year-old boy for building a clock. Ahmed Mohamed, who lives in Irving and has a keen interest in robotics and engineering, put the device together on Sunday night. When he took it to school the next day, he was pulled out of class, interviewed by police officers, and taken in handcuffs to juvenile detention, after being told by teachers that his creation looked like a bomb.

The people and institutions that care about technology, science, and social justice are correct to rally in support of Mohamed because we need every talented and curious kid with thick glasses we can find. 

I know I don’t do much in this fandom, but I love you guys and as more of you go it hurts. So let’s be strong girls! Show those anons no mercy. ♥︎