Last week, I visited Tokyo Disneyland for the first time with @victorianme. For the occasion, I dressed up in a Village Belle inspired outfit. And of course, I had to bring my book bag!

Dress: Thrifted/vintage
Blouse: Heather
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Clarks
Hair ribbon: Sash on the dress

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you’re into that.
(I am not, but I teach middle schoolers and can’t resist an even vaguely thematic garment for a holiday. Namely a fluffy pink skirt.)


Shirt: Eloquii, 18/20, hard to see here but the front is textured sort of fabric rose nonsense fabric. The kind of stuff which is ubiquitous in the garment district in NYC.

Skirt: Lane Bryant, 22/24

OTK socks: Sock Dreams. Definitely just knee high on me, a tall fat person. They rolled just under the knee but I kind of dug it? Felt like I should rouge my knees and go full flapper

Shoes: Clarks, 11. Super comfy, super ‘70s.

Earrings: clip on, vintage