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Fate Diverted - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Damian Wayne, bits of Dick and Bruce
Summary: Robin died, but Jon didn’t know him anyway.
A/N: A kind of what-if-ish au, on if Jon was in the continuity when Damian died, or something like. Whether Damian still has his powers upon resurrection is up to the reader. Jon is probably 8ish in this fic? (Also, small self-promo: I wrote an original short story and published it on Amazon, and if you like my fics, it’d mean the world if you checked it out too!)


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anonymous asked:

What type of reporter do you think Clark Kent should be( human intrest,poltics,etc) and how should he approach expressing his politics publically in universe?

Primarily human interest, dipping into other territory as necessary as extensions of his passion there - lots of long-term research and investigation on the back of what interviews with the common folk on the street unveil regarding what’s wrong in Metropolis.

We rlly like the Injustice universe for either mature reasons or angst reasons or both but like yo what if that one time when Bruce tried to bring over their other universe selves, shit went wrong

what if, instead of bringing their closest parallels to his world, the fighting in the base caused a malfunction that brought over the Justice Lords



Dictator versus Dictator

Injustice Superman vs Lord Superman

Or would they instead team up? Because if they do, then Bruce is fucked, prolbably not both tho cause that other Bruce is… eh… kinda on Lord Superman’s side? You could say?

But honestly, imagine what kinda shit would happen

I’ve never really looked too much into Lord Superman and it’s been a while but if he behaved as manipulative and cold as some ppl seem to display him as, Kal might not like him very much or they’d just have disagreeances every now and then, if they teamed up. Again, Bruce is fucked. Idk how that’d work out, if Kal wanted to actually kill Bruce or force him by his side, or if Lord Supes would wanna take him as his own and force him into moral confusion just like his own Bruce.

Either way, I think it’d be a somewhat interesting concept. Food for thought for any writers here.