I’m a military man Clark, I have to believe that when push comes to shove, America’ll do the right thing. Kind of like Lois did the right thing by you tonight. For years I’ve been giving her boyfriends an impossible list of chores to do, not to test them….

          To test Lois?

Those poor bastards, I put them through hell. Lois never said a thing. That’s how I knew she didn’t love them.


Art and New Details from Dan Jurgens about Superman: Lois & Clark (Buy It: 10.14.15)
     “The basic premise is this: Superman, Lois and Jon are now in the current DCU. They’ve been here for a while now, and this series is really built around their effort to survive in this strange new universe.
      “Clark and Lois’ most notable priority is keeping Jon safe. That’s one of the reasons they live in rather secretive fashion. But at the same time, this is Superman. He understands his responsibility to earth and the people around him. […] Jon is tremendous fun to write. He’s about nine years old, looks like Clark but has more of Lois’ spitfire spirit.
     “It’s a largely new cast as Clark and Lois are now living in California, leading entirely different lives.  […] Aspects of the past that influence them now are often determined by the villains Superman faced. He knows who they are and, in many cases, has been working in secret to ferret them out.
     “Lee Weeks is an absolutely brilliant artist. He’s one of the few guys capable of delineating the quiet beauty and nuance of Lois and Clark’s relationship, making them seem real, while also defining the power and majesty of Superman. – D. Jurgens


Superman/Wonder Woman #21 cover

If you face no rain you will never be able to handle a storm

If you face no trials you will never grow stronger

Neverending rainbows and sunshine never make you fight for what love

Battles won, trust earned, blood lost, tears cried, love shared through the darkness

That is worth fighting for