Got all my bases covered with beautyspin!

Creating a flawless base for your make up will make your make up last longer, stay in place and save you having to re-apply. I’m reviewing some products I have tried and tested from my friends over at beautyspin.

Looking after your skin is a must and you should always invest in a good moisturiser to keep those wrinkles at bay, no matter what age you are, it’s never too young to start looking after your skin, it’ll do you in good steed for the long run.

Clarins Face Make-Up Instant Smooth Base

LOVE this. Once again, Clarins delivers the most amazing skincare and I am not disappointed. This feels like silk when you apply it to your face, its formula makes it so easy to blend over your skin and creates the perfect base for applying your makeup.  It helps smooth and give that perfect skin look. This is a little pricey for a primer but a little goes a long way, I tend to use a pea sized amount and this is more than enough. I’d recommend this for anyone that has tried high street primers and feel they just aren’t doing the job, this is a little gem of a product, totally worth the money. 

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Long Lasting Foundation

Guys, when it comes to foundation I have to admit, I am a bit of a snob and usually tend to stick to the higher end brands just because I’ve found that they work best for colours with my pale skin tone, coverage and do what they claim to do. HOWEVER, I had read and seen so many good things about this foundation and I wanted to try it for myself to see how it compares to the double wears and magic foundation of the beauty market. I got the shade porcelain and I have to say, it is a pretty good match for my skin. This is a medium coverage foundation and the consistency is creamy. It applies easy to the skin and doesn’t stick when blending which is a bonus as this can sometimes happen with high street foundations. I tried this without a primer and really liked the finish of the foundation, it covers my rosy cheeks and looks quite glowy almost. This foundation claims to last 24 hours but I wouldn’t say this is true, I don’t even think a pricey foundation would last this long but I applied it in the morning before going to work at 6.50am and when I got home around 5.30pm, the foundation was still giving a nice coverage. I would recommend this for anyone with normal/oily skin as I did notice that it did seem to SLIGHTLY dry out some areas around my cheeks so people with dry skin may want to try with good primer to avoid this happening. All in all, I am really impressed with this and for the price, It is definitely worth the money. 

Beautyspin again deliver the best products for the best prices and I’m forever impressed with my parcels full of goodies. They have a US site as well as UK and Europe so you can all shop until you drop at their website. They even popped in a little tooth whitening toothpaste for me to try - super cute or what?! 

Do you have a holy grail primer? I want to know!

What’s your fav online beauty store? 

Natalie :) xoxox

Danielle Peazer || Morning & Evening Skincare Favourites || August 14th, 2016


Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel - £12

Guerlain Abeille Royale Nourishing Treatment Oil - £64

Kenzo Ice-Cold Eye Cream - £36

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Summer Glow Illuminator - $32

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream - £42


Clinique Take The Day Off Make-Up Remover - £17

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution - £15.99

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask - £8

Vichy Purete Thermale Softening Exfoliating Cream - £12

Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing Brush - £125




「克蘭詩彈潤植萃美唇油」Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil  US$25

有別於其他的歐美品牌紛紛主打多種不同色調   一向以來都是保養油類專家的克蘭詩推出了保養彩妝二合一的美唇油   不推薦給大家對不起自己良心啊  


人氣天團f(x)中的成員 Victoria也在instagram上發佈使用「克蘭詩彈潤植萃美唇油」的美照   可想而知為何女星都爭先恐後使用這款神奇美唇油了吧?  









除了有柔嫩潤澤之效,同時富含凍齡維他命E及有益肌膚的脂肪酸Omega 9等,為唇部提供最佳防護

******************* 由 此 進 入 原 文 閱 讀 *****************

#01天然蜜糖Honey 添加黃香李萃取精油,一抹立即看到水潤光澤, 天然蜜糖及植萃成份, 能柔軟雙唇, 打造如絲緞般光滑的雙唇觸感   

#02粉嫩覆盆莓Raspberry 添加覆盆子精油,自然的粉紅色澤讓雙唇如少女一般粉嫩可愛, 植萃成份能滋養潤澤唇部給予嬌嫩觸感   

#03艷紅莓果Redberry 萃取自紅莓果的紅木精油, 嬌艷的色澤, 讓唇色飽滿水艷紅光, 植萃成份能柔潤雙唇, 嬌艷欲滴  

我自己個人選擇色號 #01 天然蜜糖 Honey   

因為本身不喜歡過於鮮豔的唇油顏色   保濕且用色得宜的蜜糖色很適合各種大小日常生活場合






Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector #06 Rosewood Shimmer US$25






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Midweek beauty bargains from beautyspin!

It’s officially summer! Well in the UK any way and this should mean super sunny weather, ice creams and flip flops right? Wrong! The weather is Glasgow has been rainy as always recently despite us having a a week or two of blissful sunshine when I had a week off work at the start of the month - good timing Mr Sunshine! 

My skin has been feeling quite dry recently which is quite unusual for this time of year as it usually gets like this in the winter months but because of the ever changing Scottish weather, it’s needing some more TLC. 

As most of you know - I’m in love with all things Liz Earle BUT I have to be honest - my Super Skin moisturiser just isn’t helping with these little dry patches right now and neither has my Lush Skin Drink! I’ve been finding my Liz Earle not thick enough and I’ve been noticing that my skin seems to be so used to the Skin Drink that it isn’t working as it once did before (I do use this most days so that sometimes can happen - same with shampoo/conditioning treatments to your hair).

In times like this, I turn to my forever faithful beautyspin to help me find a little beauty that can get my skin back to normal. I recently got the Clarins Hydraquench Cream for very dry skin and it only cost £27.90 as opposed to the £38.00 house of frasers wanted for it! (GO beautyspin, yet again, best prices I can find). I’ve tried a few Clarin skin products in the past and I’ve never been disappointed and let me tell you, this time I most definitely am so glad I got this tub of goodness. It’s quick a thick product but once applies to the skin, it feels beautiful and I could instantly feel my skin more hydrated. It smells lovely but isn’t overly perfumed as this can sometimes irritate my skin (super sensitive!). It soaks well into the skin and left my face feeling so soft. I’ve used this before bed the past 2 nights and this morning the dry areas around my cheeks and nose are completely gone. 

This has just taken first place prize over my Liz Earle and Lush creams, which for me is a big thing as I love them too. I’d recommend this for anyone with dry to really dry skin, anyone who feels their skin changes in the colder months and needs that little bit more hydration. I would use this more in the evenings and at night (when you have more chill time) just because it is a thick cream and you want to let it sink into your skin well. Thank you Clarins for this little beauty.

I also got the Delia Cosmetics Glamorous Curl Mascara to try out and again, for the price, I’m fairly impressed with this. It has quite a thin applicator brush which picks up the lashes nicely and gives a good coat but I prefer a much thicker brush as we all know. This is ideal for someone on a budget that wants a more natural, day time look - plus this was only £1.90 - can’t go wrong!

I’m always really impressed with how fast my parcels from beautyspin take to come, it’s always a good post day and I’m never left waiting for more than 5 days! It’s love.

Have you tried any of these? What’s your fav moisturiser and mascara at the moment? I want to know!

Natalie :) xoxox

Last weekend it seemed like all my cosmetic/bathing supplies ran out at once. (Standard.) Here’s a selection from my new stock:

Lush Handmade Cosmetics:

  1. Bath bombs: Twlight / Intergalactic / Yoga / The Experimenter - Some of the most colourful.
  2. BIG Sea Salt Shampoo - This one smells awesome and lathers really well. You only need a small amount so it tends to last longer than bottle shampoos
  3. Mask of Magnaminty - For squeaky exfoliated cheeks. ☺️
  4. 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly - I love the spicy smell and the comforting shape.
  5. Ugai Mouthwash Tabs - Green tea and sea salt flavour. I snapped these up because they reminded me of brushing my teeth with salt in a Korean spa.


  1. Ever Matte Skin Balancing Foundation in 105 - Dude, the amount of oil produced on my face is no joke. This foundation at least does not aggravate the situation. Any recommendations gratefully received though.
  2. Lotus Face Treatment Oil - This was recommended to me by a friend and it is the bomb. I use it at night to combat the effects of harsh drying acne treatment.

And… some magnesium tablets. Strangely Boots do not do their own brand of magnesium tables but they still usually go good deals on all their vitamins and supplements so even the fancy brand was not so expensive when bought with some generic Vitamin D and zinc.

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and found time to take care of yourself. 💙

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