Eleventh Doctor: You know, I really miss Clara. Wonder where she is right now. Wednesday just ended. Perhaps another Wednesday? I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays, Wednesdays, Wednesdays, they’re so wonderful!

TARDIS: *judgemental beeping*

Eleventh Doctor: No, Clara isn’t the only reason why I love them. They….uh….start with a W! And that is such a nice letter. Clara thinks so, too, actually.

TARDIS: *rolls eyes*

Twelfth Doctor: Is it Wednesday yet? Yes, yes, I know you don’t like whenever I get like this, but it’s been quite long without her *checks watch* twenty-one minutes to be exact. Perhaps a little bit of a time jump?

TARDIS: *angry beeping*

Twelfth Doctor: Oh come on, don’t be a spoilsport. Just once? I know I said it last week but it can’t really hurt-

TARDIS: *rolls eyes*

Some time later…

Twelfth Doctor: What day is it? Hm, a Wednesday. I could’ve sworn that something was going to be good today. Something important. Worlds in need of my help? Appointments? No, no, not that. This isn’t a new body, not really. So the memory can’t be rubbish *checks calendar*

TARDIS: *sad beeping*

Twelfth Doctor: Might go make some sandwiches. Or a souffle. Having a strange craving for those right now.

TARDIS: *cries*


An experiment with pattern making! I got an idea and figured I’d start with two of my favorites. Have a few different ideas for these (and other patterns I want to make!), but for now I have them available as various phone cases on RedBubble, if that strikes your fancy.


The Doctor + Clara in every episode 

The Snowmen

“Who said I like you?” 

“I think you just did”                                                                                             “You kissed me”                                                                                                 “You blushed”                                                                                                     “And we – this – shut up”