Don’t know why I was randomly thinking of this scene last night, only that it is such a bold, gutsy move on the Doctor in order to save Clara from death. The way he stares at her in that Extraction Chamber, the HQ detail on his face and eyes shows full desperation. It shows how determined and Hell Bent he is to risk it all for his Impossible Girl. I just did stills for the first three images with appropriately choosing the Chiller Font for the Doctor’s ‘chilling’ words. ;)

Long before Hell Bent aired, I read in a magazine that Peter and Jenna couldn’t look at each other without tearing up/crying during their “last scene together in the TARDIS”.

This picture is their last scene together. They’re in the diner TARDIS. 

Look at Jenna’s face. Then look at Peter’s. Both are emotional and working hard to not break character before the director says “cut!” 

Jenna said somewhere that she ruined a few takes because she cried instead of smiling before going through the door, but she soldiered on.

It’s a hard picture to look at when you think of what they’re feeling. It’s a moment that goes beyond their characters.