These were the same story: Clara Oswald was put into a plan, to use her or to save her, both threatened her identity. She spoke her own truth, and he listened. Her voice could pass through the shield of a Dalek and the Doctor’s desperation. She was trapped inside others’ story, but she won the narrative. Clara Oswald stepped into a TARDIS running away, and she made the Doctor the Doctor again.

Waking Dreams

(Doctor Who AU) Life is complicated enough for Clara after an accident puts her young daughter in a coma, but through her only means of communication with the girl - an in-dream interface system - she’s meets an odd company representative who promises to help her along, quite possibly in more ways than she could ever imagine.

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Okay, but I just get really emotional when I hear people say thing don’t like Clara because she was ‘the girl born to save the Doctor’ but like, you’re a fuckwad.

First off, ALL characters are good characters, and have the right to have their story told. I don’t CARE if you like characters who are more relatable than she was, because NOT all characters in the world are people you can relate to. I personally DON’T like characters you can relate to. But still, I stuck with all these characters like Rose, because I understand, that even if I can’t relate to her, she still has an amazing storyline, and she makes SOMEONE out there smile. (I personally love her though, I’m just using her as an example.)

Thing is, you don’t HAVE to love a character, just shut the fuck up though because SOMEONE else does.

Now, second of all, she was BORN to save the Doctor, they are literally the hybrid together, and they would destroy everything if left to their own devices. How is that a ‘perfect character’ trope? To me, that sounds like a fucking walking disaster. That sounds horrible. The Doctor LITERALLY went to hell for her, because she was upset at losing someone. The Doctor killed a person even though she begged him not to, because he just wanted her SAFE. They had a FIGHT over who would lose their memories of the other because they loved each other they knew they couldn’t just LET IT GO if they both kept everything.

This is not a ‘perfect character’ trope, STOP calling it that, they are like Romeo and Juliet, except instead of killing themselves, they will watch every world burn around them just to keep each other safe. That’s a disaster. Nothing about them is perfect.

By all definitions, she’s his soulmate. They are FATED in a TON of ways to end up together, congrats, you FINALLY got your soulmate AU, and you spat on it because it wasn’t the character you WANTED to be his soulmate. I bet if it had shown that Rose was his soulmate, you would hate her too, because she’s no longer a NORMAL person. Fuck off, I literally LIVE for soulmate AUs, and I FINALLY got one in a tv show other than Supernatural, where two people ended up PLATONICALLY in love with each other, and that’s fucking amazing, please stop ruining this for people who WANT it.

The Doctor is in love with Rose. He loves her SO SO SO much. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor was married to his first wife, the mother of his children, and a woman he lost SO long ago. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor is arguably in love with the Master/Mistress. At the very least, through ALL of these seasons, he STILL thinks of her as his best friend. He gave the Master a pin that he kept ALL these years, when the Master’s first child was born. They celebrated that together, and have an amazingly long history of loving each other. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor is married to River Song. He loves her VERY much, and they had an open relationship together (as proven by the fact that she dated another woman while they were still married) and that is beautiful and wonderful. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor was married to SEVERAL other women and he loved all of them. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor said he once accidentally built himself an android boyfriend. Whoops. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

The Doctor has loved MANY people, and will CONTINUE to love all of them. This relationship does NOT invalidate that.

Please, stop trying to ruin a ship I like, because you think it invalidates what YOU like, because I promise you, it does NOT.