2005.  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah self-releases their self-titled debut.  They become one of the first bands to achieve huge success not through record deals and marketing, but through blogs and the internet.  It also helped that they wrote dang good songs.

Anyways. Ahem… child stars child stars child stars child stars child stars child stars child stars child stars

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - S/T

(Sordid Album Series #203)

-It’s taken a few years for me to gain perspective on this band. Only in the last year with them releasing their third record did I feel like I finally got it from a better one.

-I feel like Clap Your Hands is for indie pop, what a lot of the emo/scene bands would be for scene kids. You know it’s not really great music but you grew up with it so you look back on it with fondness even though it might not be the highest quality music. It’s fun and angsty and catchy, which after all, isn’t that what pop music is supposed to be?

-Focus tracks would be: Details of the War, Is This Love?, Blue Turning Gray and Is This Home on Ice.