I’ve been severely neglecting my story…but tonight feels like a good night to get some work in! So here’s a sneak peak of some more artwork to coincide with Chapter Two!

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Наклеечки которые будут у нас на московской конвенции комиксов! *Г*

A Heartfelt Welcome

((So I have a drawing that sort of goes along with this but I’m too impatient to wait until I’ve colored it. >_< This is partially inspired by some of @markired‘s Wonderland edits, although I’m working on a plot line for everything as it stands. This is just an… excerpt of sorts, that I’ll put into the main story at some point, assuming I ever actually start it. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this!))

The guards ushered him towards the end of the hall where a pair of large, metal-looking doors sat towering before him. It was dark red, much like the rest of the castle, and was decorated just as thematically with elegant heart designs. Two more guards stood rigidly at the door, and turned to push it open once he had gotten close enough. It heaved open with a dull roar, and Mark was forced to move through once enough space had come between them.

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Alice in Wonderland/The Princess Diaries

via Anne Hathaway (Mia/The White Queen)

Exactly like the Princess Diaries except Mia the nerd learns that she is the heir apparent to Wonderland. Her Grandma whisks her away to teach her how to be a proper princess so as not to embarrass them in public, and Mia has to decide whether or not she will accept her role as the White Queen or accede the throne and the responsibility to the Red Queen.

Jack of Diamonds, Tsumugi Shirogane

And finally, all 16 designs are done-ish. Once I finish reuploading all of the other designs, I’m going to put them all onto a masterlist and start working on the designs for the actual playing cards I want to make. And yes, those are still going to be a thing, and I’m really excited to start properly working on them!


Ace of Hearts, Angie Yonaga

I had this request sitting in my inbox for the loooongest time! But I’m really happy with how this came out uwu

Also after I post Shirogane (who’s next) and because I hate myself, I’m going to be going back through and redoing all of their designs and making them all look more like this. That way they’ll have a clear front and back to them, and the art style will be consistent across the board.