favorite jojo related media

-professionally drawn CLAMP manga where kakyoin lays an egg

-official fanfic with 36 versions of kars living on the moon

-phantom blood movie that araki canned bc speedwagon wasn’t in it

-silver chariot themed vibrator

-shitty 1997 comic book which literally rips entire characters and concepts from stardust crusaders but americanizes it

-some fanmade japanese game that stars diavolo which nobody knows anything about

-trashcan that is themed after vanilla ice’s stand


-artbook drawn by araki in which characters are shown in provocative positions including one page where kira poses behind what looks like an orgy of stands and another where giorno has 3 legs

-moody blues alarm clock

-rohan pen

-a soul’d out album cover drawn by araki which just features 3 girls that look exactly like killer queen

-a plush that frog zeppeli punched once

-an official oingo boingo brothers khnum manga

-santana desktop cleaner

i might add more later on