Clam Strips

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T my old job we had these things called fried clam strips. Pretty self explanatory, right? One day this couple comes in, in the middle of dinner rushy, and asks me what fried clam strips were. At the time i had just stasted and it was my first job, so i was a little flustered. So i look her in the eye and said, "they're strips of fried clam" and everyone who was working heard me say that so for the rest of the shift they made fun of me. In all fairness it was a dumb question..

Well, damn, now I’m hungry. lol -Abby

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Prompt List #4 with Jasper Jordan? love your writing by the way

Jasper x Reader (The 100 Prompt)

A\N: Thanks & Sure thing, sorry it took so long to write I have a lot going on right now xox 

Summary: The reader is a little self conscious with her body since Octavia looks like a freaking model and she’s a bit curvier, but that’s okay and Jasper loves her for exactly that reason. 

 Prompt: “If it’s any consolation, I think you’re beyond beautiful.“ 

You headed to the lake with your best friends, Jasper, Octavia, and Finn. The weather was way too good to spend the day being bossed around by Octavias brother, so you all snuck out –like usual– and this was your go to place. The sun hung high in the blue sky and not a cloud was to be seen, the sound of the small tide washing back and forth soothed you. As you sit down next to Jasper, his arm around your back, you close your eyes and breathe in the fresh smell of summer. As a collective, you all felt as though things were finally getting better, as if peace were around the corner and all you had to do was turn into it. You feel something block the sun that was hitting your face and you open your eyes groggily. 

 "What?” You groan, turning your head and burying your face into Jaspers chest in an effort to hide away from the harsh world outside his warmth.

 "Let’s go swimming!“ Octavia exclaims excitedly and you take a look at her with half open eyes. You instantly feel nervous and your palms clam up. She’s stripped down to her underwear and singlet and her body looks stunning. There’s no way you’re getting undressed next to that model of a girl. 

 "Do we really have to? I’d rather stay here.” You questioned nervously but you try to hide it behind just being too lazy to get in the water. Your thighs are much thicker than Octavias and you know your arms don’t look that toned either. You knew you weren’t overweight or obese, but you knew you weren’t classified as skinny either. Ultimately, next to her you’re convinced you’d look like a sack of potatoes. 

 "Pleeeeease?“ Octavia begs and you look to Jasper for support. For the love of God help me, you mentally speak to him. He wraps his arms around you lovingly and looks to Octavia. 

 "We’re fine on land.” He smiles at you before pecking your cheek lightly and you blush at his warm arms around you.  Octavia pouts but accepts it as she turns around and jumps into the water excitedly. A piece of you wished you were as confident as her, but the other half knows you won’t ever be like that, “How many times do you think she’ll ask you to hop in the water?" 

"Too many.” You reply, laughing slightly and Jasper sighs before gently placing a kiss on your neck. You close your eyes and hum in content, “I’d rather be with you anyway." 

 "Me too, getting sunburn is so much more fun when you’re around, baby.” He jokes playfully and you laugh with a shake of your head before the silence between the two of you appears.

 "Say it.“ You state and Jasper sighs. 

 "Say what?" 

 "You know what I mean, say what you’re thinking.” You reply to him, turning yourself to face him and his eyes switch between your own.   

 "I think you have this idea in your head that you’re not as good as she is,“ He whispers, pointing his head at Octavia as she dives in the water with a wide smile on her face. You look at her before looking at your hands that fidget in your lap, "I know you don’t feel like you are but… if it’s any consolation, I think you’re beautiful.” You look at Jasper and seriousness plagues his voice before a cheeky smile creeps it’s way onto his lips, “God knows I’ve seen you without those clothes and you are so beautiful, Y/N.” You laugh at him, smiling wide as his hand innocently rubs small circles on the top of your thigh. You remember the many times you’ve been with Jasper and how the both of you can never get enough of each other. 

 "I love you.“ You blurt out, not realising what you’ve said. Jaspers eyes widen and he looks shocked. Have you said that wrong thing? You start to feel nervous until he places a hand on either side of your body and hastily presses his lips to yours. You close your eyes, revelling in the feeling of having him be so close and kiss you so passionately. You almost straddle him but remember that you’re not in your tent or in the drop ship, you’re on a lake with your friends. You pull away, your foreheads touching as your panting breathes mixed together in between you, "Jasper, I love you so much.” You repeat, almost feeling an animalistic need to hear him say those words back.

 "I love you too, baby. Always.“ He smiles genuinely at you and you feel an unknown happiness wash over you, like the ripples on the lake. You stroke his cheek gently and tangle a hand in his thick hair before pulling his head closer to yours and joining your lips together one more time.


It was good! I didn’t realize how much I’d wanted just exactly that. Definitely put clams on a sandwich. I went with lettuce, tomato, mayo, hot sauce, but I shoulda put some pickles on it too. Bread was good but it’d be better as a proper clam strip po boy!!