FRANCE - 2017/2018

France, the season takes place from September to June. Early July we have the list of gymnasts who stop gymnastics


- Bossu Juliette (2000)
- Bourgeois Léanne (2000)
- Boyer Marine (2000)
- Charpy Grâce (1999)
- Charpy Lorette (2000)
- De Jesus Dos Santos Melanie (2000)
- Devillard Coline (2000)
- His Loan (1999)
- Lapp Alisson (2002) January 2018
- Lechenault Oreane (2000)
- Lepin Alison (2000)
- Marques Lea (2001)
- Mouffok Janna (2001)
- Osyssek Morgane (2002) January 2018
- Petit Sheyen (2002) January 2018
- Poitreau Melissa (2001)
- Vanhille Louise (1998)


Anne Kuhm - Camille Bahl - Claire Martin - Alix Scandella - Assia Khnifass


- Adam Cuvillier Aglaé (2003)
- Bernard Zelie (2003)
- Beziaud Blanche (2003)
- Birin Charlene (2004) January 2018
- Bruno Noa (2004) January 2018
- Eugene Maelys (2004) January 2018
- Eugene Maewenn (2004) January 2018
- Faure Alison (2004) January 2018
- Forestier Julia (2003)
- Friess Aline (2003)
- Garcia Elise (2004) January 2018
- Heduit Carolann (2003)
- Henna Lucie (2004) January 2018
- Letrange Mouakit Alizée January 2018
- Meder Eva (2004) January 2018
- Pontlevoy Claire (2003)
- Serber Celia (2003)
- Tounan Salsabil (2004) January 2018
- Wahl Mathilde (2004) January 2018


Clara Gandrey - Iness Ben Rhouma - Marine Barbelet - Yatonde Kokolo - Melissa Paries - Anais Gerbron

I’m seriously so happy about QC right now, I almost cried. I really really really NEEDED this to happen, you know? Like, I know QC isn’t a huge trans activism outlet, and I know Claire is pretty low key about being trans, and it’s really not a big deal in the story (and really it’s only been mentioned a few times, out-loud) but the idea of a “mainstream” comic like QC featuring a casually trans character who’s looking to be in a romantic relationship with a straight, cisgender guy, and he’s pursuing HER (more or less), it’s just…. it means so much. There’s no weirdness, there’s no transphobia, no implications of homophobia (does kissing you make me… gay?!), nothing. Claire is being treated like a normal girl, and in so many ways that’s so fucking awesome.

Thank you, Jeph. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I don’t know if them kissing was fan-service or if you intended that, or if that’s just how the characters evolved so you went with it…. and I don’t really care WHY it happened. But thank you for letting it happen, and thank you again for handling your trans character so fucking well.

Rose has lived in the Downtown East Side (of Vancouver) for over 20 years. She lives in a half way home and feeds the birds everyday at 2pm. She told me they are her only friends. Photo © Claire Martin


Australia’s most adventurous cinematic stylist came to Tribeca​ 2016. Baz Luhrmann​ talked his ambitious career, from Strictly Ballroom​ and Romeo + Juliet​ to The Great Gatsby​ and Netflix​’s new The Get Down.

Here’s what we learned.