13x02: Daddy Issues

Ya know, for a Buckleming, that was a good episode. I mean, there were definitely things to check off for BINGO, but overall, not bad.

Some thoughts, in no particular order:

  • So many daddy issues: 
    • Jack is still conflicted about his real father, his chosen father, and these two guys that he kind of looks up to and who may or may not hate him.
    • Sam is trying to do what John DIDN’T do for him. I really love how Sam’s taking charge more and is really coming into his own.
    • Dean is a hot mess and is in danger of becoming John 2.0. Of course, we know that Dean won’t ever go down that road completely, but he’s hurting and he’s pulling some of the same crap that John did to his kids.
      • Oh and what common event caused both these men to break? Losing a loved one? Hm. That’s interesting.
    • Lucifer, on both sides of the spectrum. Blah blah he’s still pissed at God and apparently he’s Emo™ and Misunderstood and Mary couldn’t possibly know what that he actually always wanted to be Father of the Year and run a preschool for fledgling angels and be a foster parent for wayward seraphim and shucks he woulda just been so cuddly.
    • Asmodeus!Bartender just kind of lays it out there… *anvils*

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all of the nude models in our art school are such interesting people aside from just the nude model part like we have:
•a former NASA scientist for 20 years who seedily obtained a piece of the actual moon & brought it in to show us. he also wants to secure a piece of mars eventually I can’t believe he’s a space smuggler
•a male competitive roller-skater
•a burlesque dancer who auditioned for the rockettes & sings professional opera on the side
•a trapeze artist who used to train in Paris then became a French teacher in the states but gave up that to be a full-time circus performer & she’s the most Jacked™ woman I’ve ever seen
•a civil war reenacter. we have an actual fucking larper
•a guy who’s missing his left eye and nobody knows why but we have a theory that he’s an Italian mobster so it’s probably best not to ask
•a Chicago broadway actress who showed us her acting chops one day but she was naked at the time & reciting Shakespeare it was so intense
•a completely normal plain bagel dude but he can hold a 3hr standing pose without taking breaks so I’m convinced he’s not even alive and has no soul



The Louisiana Special Battalion! 

Camped next to these guys all weekend. They’re great during the day, not so great when you’re trying to sleep at night, but real fun guys. They have no chill, they were performing non-stop all weekend and were hilarious.

I’m glad that we marched in behind them on the field because then I got to watch their charge and when their line broke, it was some of the best acting out on the field.

Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress showing up unannounced as panicked runaway slaves at a South Carolina civil war reenactment is some of the most daring comedy anyone’s done in years

anonymous asked:

What do you imagine the companions wearing if they were in modern times?

Cait: There’s not a doubt in my mind that Cait would wear crop tops and skinny jeans. On a hotter day, she’ll pull off high-waisted shorts.

Codsworth: The finest stainless steel plating that money can buy.

Curie: She’d wear everything from flannels and jeans to summer dresses. She really likes dressing up, and she looks good in everything she puts on.

Danse: A t-shirt with an unbuttoned button-up over it, sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Nice, dark jeans with a belt, and everything’s tucked in and neat.

Deacon: He doesn’t have a set outfit. Sure, he often sticks to t-shirts and jeans, but one time he went out in public wearing a sundress with high heels and thigh highs.

Dogmeat: A collar, like the good dog he is. He probably tends to get out a lot, so he’s gotta have it on all of the time.

Hancock: He loves hoodies and t-shirts, and sweatpants that look like they’re just a little bit too big on him.

MacCready: He’s never had a fashion sense in his life. That said, everything is telling me to say that he owns a pair of those pants where there is a zipper at the knee that you can unzip to make them into shorts. Also t-shirts. And he’s had the same jacket for probably 15 years of his life.

Nick: Assuming he’s still a detective, he’d probably have the Messy Detective Aesthetic. Loose tie, collared shirt, slacks, the trench-coat if it gets too cold out.

Piper: She has a strange fondness for finger-less gloves and scarves. 

Preston: Sweater vests. He loves sweater vests and khakis. On weekends, you can find him in Civil War Reenactments with his buddies.

Strong: You remember those black t-shirts with the white text that said “got milk?” Yeah.

X6-88: Black clothes. Black shoes. He doesn’t take his sunglasses off. People wonder if he gets too hot in the summer but he doesn’t show signs of being uncomfortable. He probably wears trench coats in the middle of July, just because.


I had a blast at this year’s winter meeting. I am so grateful to have found this Cavalry company, each and every trooper is so welcoming. I got to witness the election of new officers and got to try the lieutenant’s equipment, not to mention his snazzy kepi! I feel like these people in the 2nd US Cavalry are now my family. I can’t wait for the spring training! :D (ps. I gotta start lifting some weights if i wanna successfully use these weapons)

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Civil War reenactors are reenacting white supremacy and we're not going to tolerate it anymore, it's almost 2018 for fuck's sake. Enough! We've had enough of your whiteness.

CURRENT YEAR! There’s still slavery in Africa and the Middle East in 2018 but I guess an innocent hobby is more pressing.

It’s a part of American history. Suck it up, buttercup, and stop justifying hurting people. Maybe that’ll be the first step in your evolution to being a real live decent human being.


Engines Can be Rose Part 5

An art School AU Drabble


Shifting his gaze from her eyes to her mouth and back again, Kylo continued, “I keep thinking about…”

“What?” Rey whispered.

“Thinking about how sweet you’d taste.”

Thanks to a couple cups of punch, Rey wasn’t entirely convinced she wasn’t hallucinating this entire conversation. That explanation made sense. Surely, that was what was going on here. Too much booze on the brain was, unfortunately, a heck of a lot more reasonable for her versus accepting that she was actually in her TA’s room- on her TA’s bed- as the object of her obsession claimed that he longed to taste her. That couldn’t be possible. She couldn’t be that lucky. All these scattered insecurities flickered by one by one in the space of an inhale before Rey settled on trusting the intensity in his stare.   

Believing just for one second that he wanted her too.

Dragging her teeth along her lower lip, she exhaled out all of her fears.

“Why don’t you find out?”

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