DBQ/FRQ First Aid (Precolonial to Imperialism)

Tomorrow, you will be taking the APUSH Advanced Placement Exam. Determining on what college you want to go to, at least a three is commonplace. I don’t know about you guys, but my biggest problem is going the length of an entire essay (for example if they want me to talk about Colonial Times through the Revolution, but they just write “1763-1781” I wouldn’t know what to write about). Furthermore, I’m going to list eras, what happening during them in chronological order and a very brief description of what they did. Keep in mind that many eras (such as the 1960’s) are important both in foreign policy and domestic affairs. I will divide them accordingly. The DBQ will not ask for specific years, but it’s better to have a general understanding of the era they are asking you about so you can throw in some “specific evidence” to get that 7-9 essay. This chart is also particularly helpful with the FRQ. Anyway, let’s begin.

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The federal week in review

(from a friend) 

In case your news sources didn’t share these stories with you:

1. Trump fires all Ambassadors and Special Envoys early, ordering them out by inauguration day without the usual replacement period.

2. House brings back the Holman rule allowing them to reduce an individual civil service, SES positions, or political appointee’s salary to $1, effectively firing them by amendment to any piece of legislation. We now know why they wanted names and positions of people in Energy and State. This attacks the Pendleton Civil Service Act which was passed in 1883 so that federal employees would be assigned on merit instead of appointed by the party in power.

3. Senate schedules 7 hearings on cabinet nominees and triple-books those hearings with Trump’s first press conference in months and a “vote-a-rama” of bills to repeal Obamacare, likely to prevent concentrated news coverage or public protest of a slew of controversial activity.

4. House GOP expressly forbids the Congressional Budget Office from reporting or tracking ANY costs related to the repeal of the ACA, limiting the public’s ability to understand how expensive the process will be.

5. Trump continues to throw the intelligence community under the bus to protect Putin, despite the growing mountain of evidence that the Russians deliberately interfered in our election.

6. Trump breaks a central campaign promise to make Mexico pay for the wall by asking Congress (in other words, us, the taxpayers) to pay for it.

7. Trump threatens Toyota over a new plant that was never coming to the US nor will take jobs out of the US.

8. House passes the REINS act, giving them veto power over any rules enacted by any federal agency or department–for example, FDA or EPA bans a drug or pesticide, Congress can overrule based on lobbyists not science. Don’t like that endangered species designation, Congress kills it.

Every American needs to wake up to what is actually happening to our beloved country. This is a wholesale power grab by “the elite” from the people. They are setting up to not have to represent anyone, not even the ones who voted them in.