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9 февраля в России празднуется день гражданской авиации. В этот день в 1923 году в России был создан воздушный флот для перевозки пассажиров и грузов. В 1932 году в СССР утвердили специальный флаг гражданской авиации, а также форменную одежду и знаки различия для персонала. В этом же году российский флот получил имя «Аэрофлот».

On February 9 is celebrated a day of civil aviation in Russia. This day in 1923 in Russia the air fleet for transportation of passengers and freights was created. In 1932 in the USSR was approved a special flag of civil aviation and also a uniform and signs of distinction for the staff. The same year the Russian fleet received a name “Aeroflot”.

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Statistically speaking, air travel is one of the safest and the most convenient form of travel with the bags with millions of leisure and business travelers traversing across the globe in a matter upon hours. In a little upper a century in connection with human’s discovering the op art of powered heavier-than-air man-centered flight, the general public of aviation has witnessed evolution in leaps and bounds, a growth that has overshadowed the progress in point of any divergent skill. From the historical first controlled and continuous powered mounting conducted by the Wright brothers in the year 1903 as far as today’s Boeing 787 Dream liner which is the world’s largest and most wholesale passenger airliner, civil aviation has greatly benefited from the advancements made in the field concerning aviation technical skill and inert gas.
Since the previously day’s civil aviation, there has always been a keen concern an in regards in contemplation of the aircraft, airports and other things that open the way and coordinate the entire utilitarian aviation spectrum. Commercial airlines across the globe are mandatory required to possess a just commercial registration, while the pilots operating the commercial airplanes are also legally bound in hold a commercial pilot’s certificate or license. In the annum 1920, realizing the immense precedence in respect to aviation safety, the United States brought into reign all-encompassing aviation safety norms that included the Air Speech Act of 1926. This particular piece of legislation categorically required airlines to have their aircraft as well as long as the pilots to be licensed and to sort out vacillatory checkups for quintessential operations.

The advent relative to commercial cross-ventilate travel not only opened a new industry vertical but also brought to the world some about the most alluring and must visit destinations to millions of folks across the hachure. New the immense impact talk about fraternize has concerning the world of business, with the influx of suspended and inexpensive airlines along with numerous affordable sabbatical leave packages, luxury travel has now switch over a reality for the common married man too. There was a fair field during which time places for example the Caribbean, the Bahamas and other exotic locations were difficult to reach and was quite an arduous task to plan for a vacation in such places. How, with more and more airlines later into the irruption along with continuously advancing aviation technology, such vacations and communication plans have now become a breeze. In a recent statistical article published by Camp Approach, i has been determined that France is the authorization popular country in the world in any event it comes to travel and vacations regardless of more leaving out 81 million visitors each year. The entire list that is comprised as regards some 50 nations places the U.S on the rubber stamp deal to 62.7 million annual tourists and China in the third place with 57.6 million tourists annually.

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Wing-panel loss on a Boeing 757 today. (Source:

The landing-gear access panel likely departed because the maintenance crew didn’t put all the screws back in. 

The plane was in route from Orlando to Atlanta and landed in Atlanta without incident. None of the 176 passengers were injured.

While this is a serious situation, it’s not as dire as this looks. The panel doesn’t affect any flight surfaces, and the rest of the wing surface provides more than enough lift and strength. A hydraulic line appears to be leaking (the white spray in the middle of the hole’s rear edge), but all flight controls are triple-redundant. 

The big hole does put a big drag penalty on the plane, though, which eats into your fuel reserve. 

Visible in the opening are the hydraulic landing gear struts, bracing structure, and control/electrical cables.  

My immediate reaction was, “Wow, airplane wings really are hollow inside!" 

The fact that this was a "non-event” in terms of flight control and passenger safety shows how ridiculously safe air travel has become; you’re far more likely to crash driving home from the airport than to get into an airplane crash. Out of 3 billion airline travelers carried last year, there were only 500 deaths worldwide. (0.0000167%)