Civil Air Patrol

“Civil Air Patrol - Eyes of the Home Skies”, 1941 - 1945

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was established on December 1, 1941 as the civil auxiliary to the Army Air Force, with a view to supplement America’s military operations in times of war.  Following World War II, during which CAP pilots performed border and coastal patrol missions (even sinking 2 U-boats), CAP was reorganized, removing any combat role, and made permanent with Public Law 557 passed on May 26, 1948, 65 years ago today. 


Today my dad was admitted to the hospital. He’s fine, but he had to be brought to a hospital out of state for some extra tests. So I am currently out of state with my dad. He’s fine, like I said.

He was brought out of state by plane. The pilots came into the room, and my parents happened to mention that I want to be a pilot as well.

Soooooooo… The pilots gave my dad their cards so that, occasionally, I can ride along with them to get some flight time and more experience in a plane. So out of something not so great came something pretty great.

Civil Air Patrol has, more than any other organization, helped me reach my goal of becoming an American airman. I just wanted take a moment before I leave for basic training next week to thank CAP and all the members have invested in my life and got me to this point. I’ve been able to do so much from activities in Washington DC to Cape Canaveral, Louisiana to the state of Alaska and even been able to serve as a Cadet Ambassador both to England and Canada. Ultimately achieving the Carl A Spaatz Award, the highest achievement in the cadet program.

Without Civil Air Patrol this journey would have been much harder and I’m eternally greatfull for the training and opportunities I’ve received as a part of this organization and hope to be able to one day repay in part their incredible investment in my life.