the signs as tv characters

aries - wolfgang (sense8), nathan (misfits), samantha (sex and the city), violet (downton abbey), red (orange is the new black)
taurus - elliot (mr. robot), chloe (don’t trust the bitch in apartment 23), matt (daredevil), grace (will and grace), carlton (fresh prince of bel-air)
gemini - ilana (broad city), glenn (the walking dead), stephanie (fuller house), jess (new girl), elaine (seinfield)
cancer - zeke (the get down), ricky (my so-called life), norman (bates motel), george michael (arrested development), chris (everybody hates chris)
leo - cuddy (house, md), cookie (the empire), titus (unbreakable kimmy schmidt) buffy (buffy, the vampire slayer), annalise (how to get away with murder)
virgo - cersei (game of thrones), angela (the office), ben (parks and recreation), megan (drake & josh), rachel (glee)
libra - mitchell (modern family), emily (pretty little liars), jackie (that 70s show), hiro (heroes), laura (twin peaks)
scorpio - tate (ahs murder house), jesse (breaking bad), george (dead like me), nick (freaks and geeks), kalinda (the good wife)
sagittarius - jake (brooklyn 99), stiles (teen wolf), max (2 broke girls), penny (the big bang theory), axl (the middle)
capricorn - jessica (fresh off the boat), blair (gossip girl), cristina (grey’s anatomy), malcolm (malcolm in the middle), sherlock (sherlock)
aquarius - cosima (orphan black), jonathan (stranger things), shania (the new normal), silver (90210), abed (community)
pisces - phoebe (friends), rory (gilmore girls), mulder (the x-files), cassie (skins), kel (kenan & kel)

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Relationship status: In a Relationship

Favorite color: Green and Red

Lipstick or chapstick: Can I have both? Day to day is definitely chapstick (Carmex is life!) but I love a deep red lipstick but my all time favourite and go-to is Chanel’s Mademoiselle. Yes please!

Last song you listened to: For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield

Last movie you watched: Suicide Squad

Top 3 characters: Only 3?! Jeeez. Ok, off the top of my head. Laura Roslin (Battlestar Galactica), Kate Stewart (Doctor Who), Carol Peletier (The Walking Dead).

Top 3 ships: Only 3 again? Seriously? Ok fine… but this is going to be really hard. Bernie/Serena (Holby City), Carol/Daryl (The Walking Dead, Diane/Kurt – even though he cheated on her and if he does it again, I’ll crawl into the TV and go all ninja on his arse! (The Good Wife/Good Fight).

Books you are currently reading: Currently reading Tipping the Velvet but really slowly because I have been crazy busy. I need a long trip so I can read it while I’m travelling – which will actually be this weekend. Good planning Rex! :P

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