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A prompt involving Sonic and Shadow (who had just been freed from Infinite’s control) battling against a giant sized Zavok, in the middle of a ruined city. Hope you can do it!

..So… Infinite doesn’t ‘control’ them? And he needs their data to replicate them? (is what I assume?) But I can write a pretty sick battle scene ;) np!


On hands and knees, Sonic and Shadow shake their heads from the power of the Phantom Ruby, before looking up and squinting at the large skyscraper blocking the sun.

“Hahaha… This is where we’ll say goodbye.” Infinite, having his arms folded, floats off with a sly cackle and spreads his arms wide. “This will prove once and for all… who the true weak things are!”

A large Zavok steps out from blocking the sun, revealing that it wasn’t a skyscraper at all, and laughs before trying to stomp on them.

“Woah!” Sonic rolls away with a build-up spin attack, as Shadow jumps and continues to spring off nearby building ruins, before scaling a large one down and letting his fingertips skim the surface.

“You really ticked him off, Shadow!” Sonic cries out, uncurling and calling over his shoulder to him.

“Hmph. He whines like a child.” Shadow jumps down to join him by his side, the two are running/skating away from the Zavok that only has to take a single slow step to reach just behind them.

Infinite covers his mask with his hand, contemplating it seems, “Hmhmhmmm.. I enjoy watching you scramble for your lives… but this game may take too long.” He extends his arms again, and the familiar eerie ring of the Phantom Ruby shoots out a blaring red light all around them.

“Dang it! I’m tried of these mind games!” Sonic cries out, biting down on his teeth. “Shadow! We can take Zavok down, but we have to work together!”

“Ha!” Shadow scoffs, about to bolt ahead. “I don’t remember asking for your help, Sonic.”

As his eyes narrow, Sonic’s face looks aghast. “Excuse me? We’re fighting for our lives here, Mr. dark and brooding. For just one day, can you tolerate me long enough to welcome me back from the supposed dead?”

In all good humor, Sonic fakes another sigh and exaggerates his arms, shrugging and shaking his head to Shadow. “Why do I put up with you…”

“Welcome back to death.” Shadow swipes his eyes to the corner of his vision at Sonic and smiles.

Sonic’s eyes light up, “Now- that’s funny!” he flicks his own nose to praise Shadow’s turn-around, before the two skid to a halt and arch their runs around the large Zavok’s feet.

“H-huh?” Zavok looks around on the ground unable to see them at the moment.

“There’s no use resisting your demise… Sonic!” Zavok calls out, before Shadow and Sonic reveal themselves, pulling on his large tail.

Zavok roars and flails his arms, before his head swings back to look around his backside, seeing them struggling to keep the tail pinned.

“What? No! Shadow!”

“Do you always refer to one person at a time?” Sonic quips back with a smirk, before spinning as Shadow keeps the tail down for him to scale the back and up to his neck. “Hu-yah!” he spin dashes into his neck, and Zavok falls forward with how many times he keeps hitting it.

“Shadow! Now!”

Shadow releases Zavok’s tail and quickly begins to swerve up to where his face is being hit down, now on all his fours.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” Shadow chimes in, and then begins to jump and Chaos Spear Zavok’s face, causing him to try and cover it with his hand.

He shakes Sonic off of him and stands again, powerfully swinging his tail and knocking them back and through buildings.

“Urkk..” they slowly get up from the debris.

“This isn’t working…” Shadow states, dusting off the loose crumbs of the city from his back quills.

Sonic kicks a piece of wall or ceiling off his leg and rubs his head. “That barely put a scratch on him.” Sonic comments and stands erect.

“Shadow.” He holds out his hand, not even looking at him. “I could use a buddy to boost with…”

Shadow stares up at him, seeing no expression on his face.

“You’re not joking…” he finds that amusing. “We’re not exactly the greatest of ‘friends’, Sonic..” he puts a hand to his raised knee and pushes off of it to stand, wobbling a little from the impact to regain his stance back.

“….I think it takes two to judge that.” Sonic finally turns and smiles to him, though initially, he thought showing no reaction may be the only way to get Shadow to agree with him, guess not.

“You consider me on par with your ‘friends’?” Shadow scoffed once more, narrowing his eyes again to show he wouldn’t put up with nonsense.

“I consider you a trusted ally. Isn’t that enough to call you a friend?” Sonic tilted his head and lowered his eyelids a bit– now he was having fun with him.

“Hmph.” as if enjoying the banter he had stated, Shadow took his hand. “Don’t make me regret this…” he hunched down, charging up his own boost.

“Heh. Knew you’d see it my way.” Sonic smirked and charged as well.

They jumped.

Your way?”

The two spun and the theme music played before they barrel-rolled through the sky in a haze of blue rimming the outside of their attack, and black forcing it’s way into the epicenter of their combined force.

“Nooo..!” Zavok couldn’t react in time and Sonic and Shadow’s boost blasted into his stomach, jutting through the illusion and heading in a straight arch towards Infinite.

“No. Impossible!” Infinite turned around, shooting a beam at them before they spiraled into him.

Crashing to the ground, Infinite turned onto his stomach, gripping the remains of a building they smashed into.

Sonic and Shadow, now separate, stood as intimidating figures behind him, before coming on either side of him.

“What was that about not being afraid, Infinite?” Sonic hunched down, mocking him.

“Hmph.” Shadow folded his arms, looking down on him. “You know, I almost feel bad for your sorry self. Trembling once more in my presence.”

Infinite’s eyes shrunk in rage, his eyes shaking as his mask scratched the ground while he dipped it deeper down into the soil.

“Heh.” Sonic stood back up, flicking his nose with his thumb again. “I don’t know, Shadow… Maybe he’s twice as scared because I’m here.” He gloated, putting his hands on his hips and leaning to Shadow, challenging his pride with his own ego.

“Perhaps.” Shadow kid along with him. “Or maybe he’s just annoyed that you were involved.”

“Nah, that’s gotta be just you.”

“You are incredibly stuck-up for your species.”

“Now you’re bringing the entire species into this?”

“I would hate to say they’d all be ashamed, but it wouldn’t be practical for me to lie..”

“Now you’re just toying with me.”

ENNNOOOUUUGHHH!!!” Infinite’s power made both Shadow and Sonic duck behind their raised arms, as Infinite floated up like a dead goldfish before spinning upright and blasting the two away.

“You may have discovered my power source, but that doesn’t make me stoppable.” Infinite summoned canons and fired them at the two hedgehogs.

Shadow and Sonic skillfully dodged but were then bombarded by his barrage of blasts.

They were knocked back but quickly shot up again, however, Infinite saw that as defeat enough and began to move on. Shadow quickly ran after him while Sonic outstretched his hand to him.

“Shadow! Wait!”

But the two had vanished off and away from the city.

Shadow’s teleports were the only sound that could barely be heard by Sonic’s hearing.

“Darn.” he hit his outstretched hand down on the ground, balling it up into a fist.

“If Infinite really can’t be kept down for long, even with the Phantom Ruby weakened, we’ll need to come up with a better plan…. something to keep him down once and for all!”


this is what i did today instead of work on that little animatic or answer any ask blog questions: i drew the toons into images i have saved on my lampblack pinterest board… obviously not the humans though, because like… ya know. in my imagination, it’s how things would look. if i had a realistic art style lol. as always, bianca belongs to @majorpepperidge and betty belongs to @131-di  

in order:

  • A Király utca - Kinszki Imre (1929)
  • Montmartre Paris 1930’s by André Kertész
  • 1931. Airship Columbia over Empire State Building
  • Martin Munkácsi :: Dancers in Seville, Spain, 1930
  • Klösz György: A Reitter Kávéház az Operaháznál, Budapest, 1896
  • Art Déco staircase ‘Restaurant Prunier’, in Paris

The Museum is thrilled to be featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday windows this year. Our window shows Deinonychus skeleton models encrusted in 1.5 million individual crystals. The display, “To New York, with Love,” highlights the Museum and six other iconic NYC cultural institutions: New-York Historical Society, New York Philharmonic, Museum of the Moving Image, The New York Botanical Garden, BAM, and UrbanGlass. If you’re visiting the city, we hope you get a chance to view these dazzling works of art!
Photo: BFA

| Of Lemongrass & French Vanilla | Chen X Reader AU | Oneshot |


Kim Jongdae X Reader

Genre: Fluff, Action, Thriller, Mystery

Warnings: Violence, Language, Attempted Murder, Mysterious/Protective/Sexy Kim Jongdae

Word Count: 7,938

Synopsis: “His brothers had told him that finding your mate was like finding a scent that sends you into a state of pure, unadulterated ecstasy. Personally, he had hoped that for him, that scent was of lemongrass and french vanilla.

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAUNA (@exosmutxoxo) I hope this story finds you well, and that you are surviving college! Sending you all my love and hope that your birthday was everything you hoped it would be~ It’s a slow burn, but I promise the story comes together in the end ;)

Damn it,” You hissed.

The clerk lady on the other side of the desk pressed her lips into a thin line. “I’m very sorry ma’am, but there was, in fact, a mix up with your luggage. We’ll do everything we can to locate which flight it’s with and return it to you as soon as we’re able.”

You tapped your foot on the ground in frustration. After sending the airport employee one last pleading glance, you hesitantly scooted out of line, allowing the mass of people behind you to try and resolve their own dilemmas.

Well, You stuck your hands into your pockets angrily, biting your lip with fervor. There’s nothing to be done about it now. At least I’ve still got my carry-on.

It was raining outside of the airport. Of course it was raining. After staying huddled underneath the awning for twenty minutes, you were finally able to hail a cab. You quickly flung yourself into the backseat, your damp hair clinging to your face.

“Where to, miss?” The driver asked.

“Oh, right,” You were a discombobulated mess, still disgruntled from getting the news that your luggage had been lost. You rummaged through your small carry-on backpack, pulling out a heap of crumpled, wet papers. After finding the one you’d been looking for, you squinted to make out the smeared ink. “Let’s see… 223 Cedarwood Plaza.”

The driver nodded to himself, redirecting his attention to the road and pulling out of the valet lot.

“Heading to Cedarwood University then, I presume?”

“Yes sir,” You struggled to get out of your wet jacket, cramped in the backseat. “Just got back from vacation. This’ll be my second year here.”

Wah,” The cab driver let out a huff in surprise. “That there is one of the most expensive private institutions in the country. Way up in the mountains, too.”

“It is. I like it though.” You hummed. “This year I was able to find a roommate online and share her apartment rent, so I won’t have to live on-campus.”

“Sounds like a good deal,” The driver took the exit off the main road, taking the one the lead upwards into the mountains, and away from the big city. “‘Hope it goes well for ya.”

“Thank you.” You nodded briskly in gratitude.

The ten minutes that remained on the trip up the mountain were spent in silence. It seemed as though everywhere you looked, there were seas of pine trees as far as the eye could see. You pulled your phone from your jacket pocket, wiping the excess water off the touchscreen. You unlocked it, immediately tapping the screen to check your messages.

Yoori (Future Roommate)

0 New Messages

18 Unread Messages

You bit the inside of your cheek.

She hasn’t responded to any of my texts since yesterday…

Keep reading
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Your Perfect Fit

Deadpool x Reader

Summary: A woman is cursed by the gods to kill any man she falls in love with. She falls in love with a man who is cursed by the gods with immortality.

Year 1025

You had witnessed the rise and falls of humanity over your many years of life. With your years of experience, man had managed to teach you many things.

1) They have a surprising lack to trust a woman, whether her opinion is right or wrong.

2) Anyone who does not look like them is not to be treated as an equal.

3) Love is either the greatest or worst thing to befall you.

Of course, number three is extremely relevant. When you were three years old, your father Hades had been too overprotective. Never one to let you explore, or seek the adventure you desperately sought your entire life. Naturally, as any father would do, he cursed you to kill any man you fell in love with.

Thanks, dad.

You had charmed and fallen for many men in your life, never able to learn from your mistakes. In a world so desperate to separate people to love, it always seemed to come at the wrong time. You fell for them always, hard and fast without you even realizing it was happening. Before you knew it, it was bloody floors, teary eyes and hushed ‘I’m sorry’s.’ Then it was on the run, trying to find a new beginning, a new meaning for a cursed life that would last an eternity. After your last failed love in the year 2015, you hauled ass to New York City, hoping to find solace in the bright lights and busy streets.

New York was strange, aliens falling from the sky was how you got introduced to the Avengers. A group of enhanced individuals attempting to save the earth. You would watch their notorious battles in pity, knowing that the abilities you were born with could end it all. But, the world wasn’t ready for you or worse your father and his brothers. They could hardly handle the mere mortals, to begin with.

There were no Avengers today, no hundred-year-old soldiers or flying tin suits. Just a relatively quiet day in the city. Well, it was a relatively quiet day.

You sat in your now destroyed car, staring flabbergasted at the red suit bounding toward a toppled down car. Wasting no time, motivated slightly by the rage of your smashed vehicle you made your way toward who you were assuming caused all of this. Another Captain America wanna be no doubt.

Attempting to calm down so no unseemly features would appear you stomped your way over to the car. Ignoring the various shouts from men behind you, mind narrowed and focused on one thing. That was until there was a gunshot. You felt it, of course, piercing right in your shoulder, causing you to turn your head down to the wound.

“That’s it!” You yelled, hands flying up in frustration. You shot a glare at the men behind you, all guns raised ready to fire. “I have suffered too many years for this bullshit!” As you ranted you strutted toward the men, flames and darkness erupting around you. You watched as eyes widened and screams rang in the distance, emotions you were far too used to.

“I’m just trying to have a normal day, and you assholes can’t keep your own damn business of the road! People have places to be dickwads!”  With one final scream darkness shot out of you, racing above the concrete and toward the men. The souls wrapped themselves around their necks, hoisting them into the air dangling them helplessly.

“Damn sweet buns! When is it my turn!” A high pitch voice rang from behind you. You whipped your head around glaring at the voice. It was the asshole in the red suit, leaning against the car watching amused.

“You have the earn that honour honey.” Your voice rang, the deeper tones of the souls summoned ringing in harmony with yours. As if someone had slapped you across the face you snapped out of the trance you always seemed to enter. Lowering your once raised hands, the flames dimmed and you felt your eyes return to a normal state. You hated when you got like that, you father leaking through every ounce of your skin. You heard yelling, it all seemed distant now, cops yelling for backup children and parents screaming. You froze, and stood, and took it all in. This is who you truly were and no one would ever be able to accept it, not on this earth.

Before the cops could get too close, you felt someone tugging on your arms. Turning, eyes hazed the red suit was there leading you away from your impending doom. “C’mon you beautiful demon we gotta go.”

You didn’t need to be told twice, turning and sprinting follow his lead. The only time you questioned was when he leads you to the edge of the freeway.

“You’re fucking joking.” You stated bluntly, eyes locked on the ground below.

“Don’t pussy out, it’s not like you can get hurt!” He yelled, not leaving you a choice as he lept into oblivion. Taking a deep breath and shrugging to yourself you followed pursuit, landing harshly in a pile of trash. A garbage truck, you were in a garbage truck.

“We’re in trash.” You sighed ashamed. Maybe saying it aloud would help you come to terms with it. “This is not how today was supposed to go.”

“This isn’t even the deepest shit I’ve been in.” The red suit added, flopping down onto his back in the garbage. You raised a brow, smirking slightly at his humour in such a shitty situation.

“Who are you?” You asked, shifting so you were leaning against the truck.

“Jolly Ol’ Mr.Pool of course.” He answered.

“Right, what’s your actual name smart ass.” You shot back.

“Deadpool, how about you hot buns? Quite the talent there.”

“Y/N.” You sighed, attempting to shift your attention to the moving traffic around you. If your dad was watching you now he was probably having a hissing fit. Getting hell nice and spiffy for when you reluctantly trudged back down there. ‘Wasn’t a walk in the park was it, sweetheart?’

“So are you like a mutant or just a really angry broad?” Deadpool asked, sitting up slightly adjusting his hands behind his head, one leg crossed in the air.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” You laughed, thinking of how stupid daughter of the king of hell sounded.

“Oh honey I’ve heard weird, you’re shit was the most normal I’ve seen in a long time.”  

You laughed, it seemed impossible for you to connect with someone like this. “I’m the daughter of Hades.” You said, shrugging at his shocked face, hands slapping his cheeks.

“Well no shit, I’m with royalty.”

“I’m far from royalty.” You chuckled, god meet Y/N princess of hell. It sounded so pathetic, but what was even more pathetic was that he was technically right.

“So how old are you?” He asked, sitting up crossed legged, chin perched on his hand.

“Seriously? You’re going to ask a classy lady how old she is?” You said, mocking shock. “I’m 1041.”

“Well, I have always liked older woman.”

Year 1026

“Wade you asshole come to bed.” You yelled from your warm position in your shared bed. A year ago you were dumpster diving with the Deadpool, now you were sharing a bed and living together. It seemed surreal, to have someone seem to be made for you. Your curse had managed to slip into the back of your mind when you two had first started working together. Granted, he was in love with Vanessa at the time so you didn’t think much of it. Things had changed though, Vanessa decided she didn’t love Wade anymore, his scarred skin proved too much. And, since you and Wade had been working together since the day you had met you were there to patch him up whenever he was down.

“Coming in hot!” He yelled, cannonballing into the bed beside you, quickly wrapping you up in his arms. You giggled as he laid you down on his chest, resting your head and smiling up at the face you loved.

“I’m like a Halloween mask Y/N, it’s not cute.” Wade warned, you two sitting across from each other.

“Wade fucking Wilson take that mask off I swear to god.” You teased, playfully punching his shoulder. “I lived in hell for god’s sake I’ve seen the worst monsters in the world.”

“Okay, okay.” Taking a deep breath, Wade pulled off his mask revealing the scarred tissue beneath.

“Wow, that was a letdown.” You sighed, pushing yourself off the floor toward the kitchen.

“What? That was the biggest cinematic reveal in history!” He yelled, hot on your heels bounding toward you.

“It’s not even that bad Wade you are the most dramatic human being on this planet. And I’ve been alive for 1025 years.”

“I love you” Wade smiled, which was met by your hard glare. He pinned you down, not allowing you to move as your body fought against you.

“I hate you I can’t believe you said that!” You laughed, knowing the full effect of his words.

“Remember the first time that happened and you stabbed me, good times.” Wade smiled, pretending to reminisce on the not so pleasant memory.

“I’m in love with you.” Wade whispered, letting out a shaky sigh.”

“Shit shit shit.” You cursed your body moving against your will toward the kitchen drawers.

“What’s going on hot buns?” Wade called after you “I was trying to have a moment there.”

“Wade don’t take this personally but I’m going to stab you.”

“Is this a kink or?”

After it the urge to murder Wade had worn off, you settled into bed. Resting your head on his chest you couldn’t help but smile, you had found your perfect fit.

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So, why exactly (book)Cersei loves Joffrey so much, to the point of being furious when Robert hits him for gutting a pregnant cat? I get that she's a mother and all, but she has to be at least somewhat aware how fucked up that was and explain it to him?

She does not have that awareness. When Cersei recounts the incident, she describes it as “some mischief with a cat.” (Tyrion VI, ASoS) Robert hit Joffrey so hard that he knocked out two of Joffrey’s baby teeth; I don’t think Cersei’s at all unreasonable for the being angry bit, just about describing Joffrey’s actions as “mischief.”

See also Cersei and Joffrey post-Red Wedding, the incident that led to a broader discussion of Joffrey’s cruelty.

“They should all be put to the sword,” Joffrey declared suddenly. “The Mallisters and Blackwoods and Brackens… all of them. They’re traitors. I want them killed, Grandfather. I won’t have any generous terms.” The king turned to Grand Maester Pycelle. “And I want Robb Stark’s head too. Write to Lord Frey and tell him. The king commands. I’m going to have it served to Sansa at my wedding feast.”

“Sire,” Ser Kevan said, in a shocked voice, “the lady is now your aunt by marriage.”

“A jest.” Cersei smiled. “Joff did not mean it.”

“Yes I did,” Joffrey insisted. “He was a traitor, and I want his stupid head. I’m going to make Sansa kiss it.”


Cersei put a protective hand on her son’s shoulder. “Let the dwarf make all the threats he likes, Joff. I want my lord father and my uncle to see what he is.”

Lord Tywin ignored that; it was Joffrey he addressed. “Aerys also felt the need to remind men that he was king. And he was passing fond of ripping tongues out as well. You could ask Ser Ilyn Payne about that, though you’ll get no reply.”

“Ser Ilyn never dared provoke Aerys the way your Imp provokes Joff,” said Cersei. “You heard him. ‘Monster’ he said. To the King’s Grace. And he threatened him…”

- Tyrion VI, ASoS

That’s the incident with the cat writ large and all the more politically troublesome, and it’s clear that Cersei has no clue that this is messed up. If Tywin and Kevan Lannister think you’re going too far with your cruelty…

Cersei’s got a very limited and warped view of what strength is. It’s a big part of her establishing thought processes in AFFC.

This might be the work of Stannis Baratheon, through some catspaw. It could well be the prelude to another attack upon the city. She hoped it was. Let him come. I will smash him, just as Father did, and this time he will die. Stannis did not frighten her, no more than Mace Tyrell did. No one frightened her. She was a daughter of the Rock, a lion.

“No one is to enter or leave without my permission,” she told them. The command came easily to her. My father had steel in his voice as well. 

Within the tower, the smoke from the torches irritated her eyes, but Cersei did not weep, no more than her father would have. I am the only true son he ever had.

Should I scream and tear my hair? They said Catelyn Stark had clawed her own face to bloody ribbons when the Freys slew her precious Robb. Would you like that, Father? she wanted to ask him. Or would you want me to be strong?

- all from Cersei I, AFFC

But you just have to go back to the Starks to see how shallow this notion of strength is.

Bran thought about it. “Can a man still be brave if he’s afraid?”

“That is the only time a man can be brave,” his father told him.

- Bran I, AGoT

And the reader knows perfectly well that Catelyn didn’t just claw her face to ribbons and cry during the Red Wedding, but tried to bargain for Robb’s life, crossbow bolt in her back and all.

To Cersei, strength is “smashing” people, quashing any and all disagreement by force, and never being disgracefully emotional. She’s got “strong” confused with “vicious.” Forget establishing thought processes, this is one of her most infamous establishing character moments.

The queen regarded him coolly. “I had not thought you so niggardly. The king I’d thought to wed would have laid a wolfskin across my bed before the sun went down.”

Robert’s face darkened with anger. “That would be a fine trick, without a wolf.”

“We have a wolf,” Cersei Lannister said. Her voice was very quiet, but her green eyes shone with triumph.

- Eddard III, AGoT

Yeah, she sure showed the Starks. They were quaking in their boots after that one, rather than keeping in mind that Cersei’s contemptible and cruel and needed opposing. Afraid of her, yes, but brave with it.

With this confusion between strong and cruel, she thought Joffrey - yes, Joffrey - was strong.

Tommen did as he was bid. His meekness troubled her. A king had to be strong. Joffrey would have argued. He was never easy to cow.

- Cersei II, AFFC

Tommen’s eyes were filled with tears. “Weep quietly,” she told him, leaning close. “You are a king, not a squalling child. Your lords are watching you.” The boy swiped the tears away with the back of his hand. He had her eyes, emerald green, as large and bright as Jaime’s eyes had been when he was Tommen’s age. Her brother had been such a pretty boy … but fierce as well, as fierce as Joffrey, a true lion cub. 

- Cersei II, AFFC

Joffrey would have seen through [Margaery’s] schemer’s smile and let her know her place, but Tommen was more gullible. She knew Joff was too strong for her, Cersei thought, remembering the gold coin Qyburn had found.

- Cersei VI, AFFC

She doesn’t love Joffrey in spite of his cruelty, she loves him because of it. She is neither willing nor able to correct this behaviour.

“The king is my son!” Cersei rose to her feet.

“Aye,” her uncle said, “and from what I saw of Joffrey, you are as unfit a mother as you are a ruler.”

- Cersei II, AFFC