Around 3 A.M., at the moment when night is so vast, calm, and profound it seems definitive, the telephone finally silent, Xenia, alone in the great, parquet-floored hall of headquarters, was writing a few lines on the back of a pass:

Revolution: Fire
Burn out the man of old. Burn yourself.
Man’s renewal by fire.

She held her twenty-year-old head in her hands as she sat pensive over these lines. Regeneration of man through the red-hot iron. Plow up the old earth, tear down the old structure. Recreate life anew. And in all likelihood perish yourself. I will perish. Man will live. Yet still a dull anxiety. Is that too the man of old resisting? Victory, smile into the void: Very well, I’ll perish, I’m ready. ‘Ready.’ She said it out loud.
—  Victor Serge, Conquered City (1932)
This Episode Was Needed *Buddy’s Book Spoilers*

This episode NEEDED to exist.

Let me explain:

Not just because of the World Building, but the ending.

Rose finds Buddy in the desert…and not only saves him from death, but when he gets depressed over not being a genuine explorer in his mind (though given no HUMAN had found those places before, that STILL counts), she tells him ‘You Are Better Than You Think You Are’ and praises what he DOES do great and well, inspiring him to become something better and leave his mark.

THAT was needed. After finding out dark secrets about her last season, seeing her shatter Pink Diamond…we NEEDED an episode reminding us of just who Rose really was: a good person who loved others.

We NEEDED that.

As for the foreshadowing, yeah, I saw it. Given Lion’s origin is hinted at and Blue Diamond abandoned her throne on Earth, we’re going to be seeing a lot of cool stuff in the future.