City Museum: A 10-Story Former Shoe Factory Transformed into a Massive Urban Playground

The 600,000 square-foot urban playground, City Museum, in St. Louis is probably the largest park of its kind anywhere. A former 10-story international shoe factory was constructed by artist and sculptor Bob Cassilly

The jungly gym contains 10-story slides, multiple floor slides, a rooftop Ferris wheel, restaurants, ball pits, an aquarium and the use of repurposed airplanes, among many other unbelievable features, which are perpetually under construction. If you are planning a last summer trip, this is the best bet for your kids! 

Date ideas:
-murder mystery dinner train
-Escape Room
-urban exploration
-flying trapeze lesson
-zombie paintball
-building sculptures out of all natural materials in the woods together
-corn maze/haunted house
-natural history museum
-people-watching at the airport and making up internal monologues for passerby
-natural history or science museum
-St. Louis City Museum
-volunteer river clean-up
-experimental cooking
-laser tag and an action movie
-Powell’s Books
-reading the most outlandish passages from folklore collections and old magical grimoires out loud to each other
-volunteering with a Bigfoot hunting excursion
-high ropes courses
-pranking ghost tours
-build a sexy Rube Goldberg machine together? idk you could probably find a way
-indoor skydiving
-one of those NASA space station simulation centers

Thank you @the2ndpaw for tagging me! <3

1. What’s the first fandom you joined?

Harry Potter probably?

2. What would you do if you were to die in a month?

I’d spend as much time with friends and family as possible 

3. One positive thing that’s happened to you these days

Only positive thing I can think of is that the semester is almost over

4. Your first tumblr url?

Same one I have now

5.  Is being vegetarian the only way to save the world?

I mean probably not the only way but it helps a lot

6. Favourite time of the day?

Night time

7. A regret

Lmao where to begin…. I guess going to college so far away from home

8. Best place you’ve visited

Probably Bath or Normandy… then again St. Louis City Museum was also pretty lit 

9. Do you believe in an afterlife of any kind?


10. Would you have Trump killed or would you do it with your own hands?

I wouldn’t have him killed…but I would like to see him and Pence far far away from government

11. First song you listened to by your currently favourite band

Honestly don’t remember but it was probably Starlight

Here are my questions for whoever wants to do it:

1. Who do you admire?

2. Where do you most want to go?

3. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

4. What is your favorite place to be?

5. Favorite music video?

6. Snow or rain?

7. Favorite subject?

8. Dogs or cats?

9. Do you play an instrument, sing, or dance?

10. What’s your favorite memory?

11. Favorite book?

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