At the City Museum in St. Louis. This place is always magical… if I were a multibillionaire, I’d want to create something like it.

Date ideas:
-murder mystery dinner train
-Escape Room
-urban exploration
-flying trapeze lesson
-zombie paintball
-building sculptures out of all natural materials in the woods together
-corn maze/haunted house
-natural history museum
-people-watching at the airport and making up internal monologues for passerby
-natural history or science museum
-St. Louis City Museum
-volunteer river clean-up
-experimental cooking
-laser tag and an action movie
-Powell’s Books
-reading the most outlandish passages from folklore collections and old magical grimoires out loud to each other
-volunteering with a Bigfoot hunting excursion
-high ropes courses
-pranking ghost tours
-build a sexy Rube Goldberg machine together? idk you could probably find a way
-indoor skydiving
-one of those NASA space station simulation centers

I wonder what my own ‘mindscape’ would look like. I think about this whenever I interact with media that has characters going into their own psyches. I think the trope of having 'organized’ minds visualized as sterile, clinical places is sort of a boring cop-out.

I think the closest thing I’ve ever been to a mindscape is the St. Louis City Museum. If you’ve never been there, you need to - it’s exactly what you would imagine the inside of an eccentric artist’s brain to look like. It’s one gigantic building downtown, filled with the strangest assortment of things - slides, school busses, a circus, an aquarium, tunnels, caves, a curio collection, airplanes, rope swings, a bar, you name it - it’s a terrifying playground for kids of all ages.

I’ve spend a lot of time there, and I suspect features of it would be incorporated into my own mindscape. As well as my house, of course, and the woods where my godsister and I grew up. Parts of my college. A few streets in Morocco. Several wings of a museum. A trapeze rig. Summer camp. A library. Ruby Beach. A living history event. The campground we used to visit every summer when I was a kid. A partially-destroyed house in Costa Rica. Places that have been significant to me and shaped my psyche.