My most fave scene from City Conquest. Been waiting for this making for too long! Love the emotion in Mir’s eyes. This scene clearly shows how much Hyun Joong has improved since his BOF and Playful Kiss days. I know he’s still far away from being a perfect actor but I truly hope Koreans will give him a chance. Joongie-ah, let’s prove them all wrong! Shin Jung Tae, I’m waiting for you!

I posted a version of this photo before but I just need to relive the experience again. 

Don’t you feel a sense of loss when you look at this photo…a half naked KHJ!  Whaaaa!  Crying buckets of tears…why, why, why???  Maybe he’ll do another drama where he’ll show his hot bod like this, to give us what we missed from CC…if not, I’ll be very, very disappointed.  You hear me, KHJ…remember, half nekked in your next drama . .okay.. ..:)

Oh Hyun Joong… .you need a hug.  The controversy with what is going on with City Conquest is getting uglier.  All KHJ wanted to do is create a good drama.  He waited a whole year to finally make a decision on whether to do City Conquest and now all this happened.  KBS and Media Baek are now bickering publicly back and forth regarding the fate of City Conquest.  There’s now talk of defamation, blah, blah, blah.  Poor Hyun Joong…he’s just the actor in all of this and now his drama has gone all political and such.  I hope it won’t affect his future acting career.  He should do a romantic comedy instead…something light hearted…:)  I think he would be really good in a comedy…he is hilariously funny being himself so a comedy would really fit his personality!