City of Oakley


NEW VIDEO: “How My Mom Knew I Was Gay - as always, I’ll be stalking people who reblog… who wants a follow?


NEW VIDEO: “The Drunk Puppet Show” ft. Mamrie - as always, I’ll be stalking people who reblog - who wants a follow/message? :]

To anyone going to Vidcon, Playlist, SITC, Amplify, Tyler's, or Dan and Phils Tour's, ect.

If you are meeting anyone involved with a ship (ex. Phan tronnor troyler) DO NOT I repeat DO NOT do the following please.

• mention the ship
• approach them with proof of the ship
• ask them to kiss/ get touchy feely or romantic
• make sexual/romantic jokes about them together
• ask invasive questions

This has been a psa.

Ben and Tyler's Q&Slay at Summer in the City 2014

It’s that time of year again