Citizens of Humanity


The Getaway Era - Citizens Of Humanity Magazine Photoshoot, Issue No. 8. Anthony Kiedis was given an interview:

“I find happiness in the simplest, littlest things ever. It’s nothing to do with grandiosity, but everything to do with simplicity. For instance, holding my boy this morning—doesn’t get any better than that. That’s my happiness. Watching the sun come up, that’s my happiness. Being on my surfboard, touching the surface of the ocean, that’s my happiness. Popping in a CD with the new song my band’s been working on, that’s my happiness. Calling my father, hearing his voice on the phone, getting excited about calling him, that’s my happiness. Reading a book for my son at dinner, that’s my happiness. It’s kind of everywhere, all around me, if I’m right with myself. If I’m wrong with myself, I’m not finding it anywhere.”