Did someone say supersophie???!! Here is my first out of many keeper hero drawings!

The costume is (mostly) based off of the tv show and a doll of mine that i found again while back +other changes from me

Constructive criticism and tips are always welcome!

primalrestoration  asked:

For an art request becuase my mind cannot think of how Bronte would look like. Per chance would you draw him? Thanks in advance!

@primalrestoration Thanks for the art request! Here’s Councillor Grumpy-pants for you!  (≧∀≦) This is my interpretation of him, and the books did not specify what’s his gem colour (the closest description is that it’s a dark jewel), so I gave him onyx gems for his circlet. 

Is he too good looking and not grumpy enough?  ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ (I made him more brooding than grumpy…)

Feel free to send me more art requests everyone! (The requests I’ve received so far are all very interesting and fun to draw! Though please be patient as I might take some time to finish each piece :D <3)