Top Shot: Fog City

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Your Shot photographer Sebastian Tontsch has been chasing the fog over Dubai looking for interesting perspectives to document. “After a long chase and sleepless nights I finally caught the fog in Dubai Marina with perfect conditions.,” said Tontsch. “Its a rare situation , a lot of planing goes into these shoots but everytime it works out the rewards is great!” Photograph by Sebastian Tontsch


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Finding Minnesota: Landscape Arboretum Lights
A new light installation is attracting a new crowd to the arboretum through the cold weather months.

WCCO-TV | CBS Minnesota took a closer look at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum’s breathtaking light installation, “The Bruce Munro: Winter Light at the Arboretum,” which is the first large-scale light installation at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum,  and will illuminate the winter landscape after dark.

I was talking to my sis about possible aus where Gil and Zeetha land in Europa together and came to the conclusion that it would work best in the dnd au

So here are the half-orc twins from a secret lost city of enlightened orc warriors

Sept. 1, 1977, St. Paul Dispatch  

A just-turned-18-year-old Minneapolis youth has signed a six-figure recording contract with Warner Bros. and is scheduled to begin recording his first album today in Sound 80 studios, Minneapolis.

Known only as Prince, the youth is reputed to have signed one of the largest contracts ever for a new act.

Owen Husney, Prince’s personal manager and president of American Artists Inc., a management company, said Warner Bros. was selected over two
other national recording companies interested in Prince — A&M and Columbia.

Prince plays a number of instruments and sings, but has not been seen in performance in the Twin Cities, the explanation being that his “ambition
was to be a national recording star and he did not want to wear out his talent in local clubs.”

Husney, also president of the advertising agency The Ad Co. and a former concert promoter, said he has been working with Prince for about a year.
Husney, Prince and David Rivkin, an engineer with Sound 80, produced the demonstration tape that was used to gain Prince the recording contract.

Rivkin and a Los Angeles recording engineer will work on the album, 90 percent of which will be done by Prince alone, according to Husney.

“He plays all the instruments — drums, bass, lead and rhythm guitar, piano, synthesizers, and percussions. And he sings lead as well as all the backups,” said Husney. Prince also composes and arranges.

Under the agreement with Warner Bros., Prince will be album producer, meaning he will have artistic control, which is rare in the recording industry for a performer so young and new in the business. Also unusual, according to Husney, is the fact that Prince’s contract calls for a guaranteed three albums, when most agreements guarantee only one or two LPs.

No one will reveal Prince’s last name, but Husney said his father was a jazz bandleader who used the stage name Prince Rogers. His mother, said
Husney, was a singer. They named their son Prince. According to an article in the Minnesota Daily last April, Prince began playing piano at 6, guitar at 13, bass soon after that, and had mastered drums at about 14.

His music has been described as “sweet, funky, disco soul.”

The first album is scheduled for release next January, said Husney. “After that, we’ll get together a good band of musicians from the Twin Cities and elsewhere and go on the road.”

Do you think Prince will become a star? “I know he will,” shot back Husney. But after a pause, he said, “Maybe I shouldn’t use the word star, but I know Prince is a legitimate talent and he’ll do well.”

Prince, 20, performs at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis on Feb. 9, 1981.


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The picture of Dan on the balcony in Hong Kong! 😍 (also date night but psssst 😉)

ooo is that in hong kong?? i love that picture SO MUCH. he looks so gorgeous and the fact that phil took that picture.. rip….. i honestly feel like i’m looking at something i shouldn’t be it’s so intimate like?? that is a photo of a boy taken by his boyfriend whilst on a date. and in general i love when dan’s face is relaxed n he’s not posing or on guard or anything. he looks so tranquil and contemplative. and he’s looking at phil. god. i’m dying

12.3.2016 | “Black is Beautiful” - part of the Guerrilla Girls exhibit at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN.

  • boy: falls out
  • disco: gets panicked at
  • direction: is singular
  • dragons: are imagined
  • summer: lasts five seconds
  • sirens: being slept with
  • vampires: on the weekend
  • pilot: multiplied by twenty one
  • moon: walked on
  • cities: are capital
  • authors: are american
  • monsters: of themselves and men
  • day: is green
  • my chemical romance: breaks up

Hey Trump, not all black people live in “inner cities”

For someone who says he wants to be “a president for all of the people,” Trump sure has a limited understanding of minority groups in the U.S. Trump’s disturbing talk of inner cities was marred in racist stereotypes. And by the way, Trump’s statistics on poverty in inner cities are wrong, too.

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