• Sophie: You said dinosaurs were extinct-
  • Keefe: I said mostly extinct
  • Sophie: 'Mostly extinct,' IS NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH
  • Keefe: I see, I'll just have them change the encyclopedia entry from 'almost extinct' to 'not extinct enough for Sophie. She prefers her dinosaurs really really extinct.' Will that make you happy?
Boxed in: life inside the 'coffin cubicles' of Hong Kong – in pictures
Photographer Benny Lam has documented the suffocating living conditions in Hong Kong’s subdivided flats, recording the lives of these hidden communities

The photographs highlight the reality of Hong Kong’s housing crisis, where tens of thousands of people live in these cramped conditions because they can’t afford anything else

this is what being ranked number 1 ‘freest economy’ means


Times Square’s 8-year redesign is a blueprint for the city of the future

  • On average, 330,000 people visit Times Square every day, a mixture of 56% locals and 44% out-of-towners. To call it “busy” would be to call Celine Dion merely “capable” of belting out an F5 note.
  • But while the number of daily visitors continues to rise, for nearly a decade Times Square has quietly gone through a dramatic reinvention, all in an effort to make it more pedestrian friendly.
  • And while it may look like an easy solution for the notoriously congested area, its decades of debate and planning show just how complex the restructuring of the most visited destination in the U.S. truly has been.
  • Now, with its recent completion, the pervasive image of Times Square as the epicenter of hustle and bustle has begun to fade. What has emerged could be the future blueprint for open civic squares. Read more (6/1/17)

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