*Fitz (after talking to Linh) opens the door to Slurps and Burps, walking in as a very loud bodily noise alerts his presence. Walking between the crowded aisles filled with various bottles in a rainbow of colors, salves, ointments, and much more, he makes his way to the counter which is suprisingly empty.*

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“The streets of Prague were a fantasia scarcely touched by the twenty-first century—or the twentieth or nineteenth, for that matter. It was a city of alchemists and dreamers, its medieval cobbles once trod by golems, mystics, invading armies. Tall houses glowed goldenrod and carmine and eggshell blue, embellished with Rococo plasterwork and capped in roofs of uniform red. Baroque cupolas were the soft green of antique copper, and Gothic steeples stood ready to impale fallen angels. The wind carried the memory of magic, revolution, violins, and the cobbled lanes meandered like creeks. Thugs wore Mozart wigs and pushed chamber music on street corners, and marionettes hung in windows, making the whole city seem like a theater with unseen puppeteers crouched behind velvet.”

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Harper entered the darkened Wayne estate. Her brows furrowed ever so slightly as she looked about the land she once knew like the back of her hand. Pale skin brushed against dark fabric as she brushed the end of her skirt, her chest rising and falling as her blood pumped through her at a high rate.

It had been years since she last had entered the estate, and in that time she had seen the falling of her city. Her mother sending her back to visit the Wayne’s despite the fact she barely remembered them aside from who’s name belong to who’s face.

“You’re mister Wayne, right?”

The Tale of Three Cities


“After recent trips took the Dunphys to New York; Mitch, Cam and Lily to the Midwest; and Jay, Gloria, Manny and Joe to Juarez, Mexico; the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan reunites in its eighth season premiere…”



Metropolitan Police suddenly halted London’s 2016 LGBT PRIDE parade to let an officer propose to his boyfriend, along with two other officers who got engaged to each other. Haters posted some nasty tweets, so the MET promptly warned them of a visit from one of their 32,000 officers due to hate speech being illegal in the UK. Source Source 2