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This job would be so much easier if cisgender people could understand trans females are female, they’re born female, they formed female in the womb, they just might be born with a penis. That doesn’t change how their brain is formed. It has literally nothing to do with femininity and masculinity.
Gender Identity and Libertarianism
Mikayla Novak | June 16th, 2015

Download a PDF copy of Mikayla Novak’s full C4SS Study: Gender Identity and Libertarianism


People who do not identify with a gender status consistent with conventional fixed, binary gender stereotypes remain the target of a complex array of typically intertwining state policies and civil societal norms which greatly inhibit their liberties.

Transgender and other gender-diverse people are, for example, routinely subjected to discriminatory identity documentation and service access policies. In addition, they often confront episodes of abuse, ridicule, and violence by cisgender people seeking to enforce prevailing gender identity standards. The consequences of such practices are, in turn, reflected in a large amount of evidence pointing to a lack of economic and social participation on several fronts.

Several key issues affecting people within diverse gender communities are considered through a libertarian perspective, with its emphasis on the primacy of the individual and endorsement of mutually assenting and voluntary actions. …

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hey, thanks for making this blog! as a canadian lesbian, it's really good to see something focusing on lgbt+ issues and not pretending canada is free of them. I just was hoping to ask one little thing-could you not use queer as an umbrella term? it's still a slur and I've been called it by hets before and it can be pretty uncomfortable/alienating for me and others.

I’m so sorry, it totally slipped my mind when I made the post about the Russian and Ukrainian activists at Toronto Pride. I understand that the q slur may make some LGBTQ people feel uncomfortable and alienated, since it was originally a slur used by straight cisgender people. If any of posts I reblog or articles I link contain the q slur, I’ll make sure to tag it as well. I’m glad you like the blog too. Again my sincerest apologies.

Someone on tumblr once told me that cisgender people don’t experience discrimination in the same way that transgender people do. Due to my enormous victim complex, that hurt my feelings and I can now say that I’ve experienced cisphobia. Cisphobia is totally a real and rampant problem. For real.
—  Every “anti-sjw” tumblr user ever
Fellow cis peeps:

Stop asking trans and non binary people about their private parts like wtf seriously does anyone come up to you asking about your genitals?? No bc it’s fucking rude and invasive and nobody else’s business!!!

I don’t really like when people say things along the lines of “Straight/cis people don’t question their sexualities/genders” or “if you’re questioning, then you’re definitely LGBTQ+” because that’s… not true???

Plenty of straight and cisgender people question themselves and wonder if they might be trans or queer or whatever. Many people do go through a period of questioning their identity, and many people do come out of it discovering that they are cisgender and/or straight.

There is nothing wrong with that, and saying that those who question their genders or sexualities must be LGBTQ+ puts a lot of pressure on people, and probably scares many folks away from letting themselves question their identity.

Words that are used in the trans community (please contact me if there is a mistake)

Ace bandage: very unsafe way to bind 

AFAB: assigned female at birth 

AMAB: assigned male at birth

Androgyny or Androgynous: 1.) a gender expression that mix of masculinity and femininity 2.) intersex

Binding: making a chest flat 

Bottom surgery: having a penis added or removed

Cisgender: a person who is not trans (can be shortened to cis)

Cisnormativity: the assumption that everyone is cisgender

Cissexism: behavior that favors cisgender people over trans people

Cross-dress: someone who wears clothes that society associates with another gender

Dysphoria: discomfort in someones gender wether it be body, mental, or social  

Drag King: someone who only dresses masculinity in a theatrical setting

Drag Queen: someone who only dresses femininely in a theatrical setting

E: estrogen 

Femme: someone who identifies themselves as feminine

FTM / F2M: both mean female to male

Gender Binary: 1) the idea that the only genders are male and female 2) referring to males and females 

Gender Expression: The way someone presents themselves

Gender Identity: the mental identification of someones gender

Gender Normative / Gender Straight: someone whose gender identity and gender expression matches societies norms

Gender Variant: Someone that gender identity and gender expression does not match societies norms

Hermaphrodite: outdated term for intersex

Intersex: someone whose combination of chromosomes, gonads, hormones, internal sex organs, and genitals differs from the two expected patterns of male or female.

MTF/M2F: both mean male to female

Non-binary: a gender or gender that is not male or female

Packing: having something to make it so it looks like there is a penis bulge

Passing: what gender other people believe you 

Preferred Pronouns: pronouns that a person tells you to uses and the only pronouns you use

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS): An outdated term because of the fact that there are multiple surgeries for someone to modify there body to better fit there from of gender expression not just one.

T: testosterone

Top surgery: Having breasts removed or added

Trans*: we argue over this means so much I wont even talk about it 

Transition: a set of changes that someone goes through to make it so better fit their gender

Transman (transguy): a afab person whose male

Transphobia: the mistreatment of the trans community 

Transwoman: a amab person whose female

Trans-exclusionary radical feminism: A feminist who believes trans people are not really there gender. Transwomen are then not included in their views of equality  

Truscum: someone who believes that in order to be trans you need to have body dysphoria and sometimes to not believe in the non-binary genders

Tucking: a way to make it so there is less of a penis bulge   

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Cisgender person: are you a man or woman? You: foolish mortal... You: i am neither man nor woman You: i have transcended your feeble human form! You: tHeRe Is No GeNdEr ThAt CaN COnTaIn Me You: I. AM. EVERYTHING.

yeaaah uhh, cisgendered people aren’t the only ones who do that just saying haha

A Few Notes

Just a little note to everyone: there is nothing wrong with being comfortable with the gender you were assigned at birth. There’s nothing wrong with you if you are genderfluid, agender, trans, ect. You are a beautiful person, and never forget that! <3

Another note to everyone: If you preach gender equality, and then tell people who are cisgender (I’m seeing a lot of this with cisgender, not so much the others) to go die, call them “cis scum” or anything else of the like, you can unfollow me. I don’t want your hatred here.

First, being gay was bad. Now being straight is bad. Being abnormal was bad, and now being normal is bad. Why don’t we all just learn to accept that people are different, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different?


This fucking site and this fucking writer in particular. Like, i want nothing to do with it anymore.

Yeah i was being sarcastic - i like to do that for effect because i sincerely feels it needs to hit home when a transphobic show is reviewed as ~sooo amazing~ by a cis lady. It’s irritating, and sarcasm is a great way to convey how irritating it is (and how thoughtless, on a beauty site aimed for women, to praise mostly cis gay men for their makeup skills while they drop the t word and have competitions called “female vs. she***e).

And her reply just makes me livid. She literally tried to say my point was less valid because of my sarcasm and me pointing out her usage of AAVE. 

May i present tone policing 101 and strawman.

You can all read what i wrote. I literally just pointed out she used AAVE. If it’s really nbd she can inform me she’s white-passing or something, i dunno. But there was literally 0 shaming in my post (in terms of using AAVE). And that last little dig at "tumblr” is so fucking pathetic. No, you know what, she’s gotta be white. She has to be. At least non-black. This shit is just WAY too defensive.

(And yes i am nb, and i am not in a position to reclaim the t word so i dont, but i am in a position where that word is very triggering for me, and i am personally off-put by that irritating show - so i felt the intense desire to say something.)

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT, it just feels so fucking condescending.  Like, “ah yes, I, a cis person, agree that your point is oh so valid, I will give you credit for that, yes, me, the cis person, will concede that perhaps you have something there.”

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I'm non-binary and I understand the huge problem that transphobia is but..I think you're a bit too harsh with cis people. It's not their fault that they feel comfortable in the body they were asigned at birth? Like isn't this what we all seek? To feel good in our body, no matter how we identify? I just think that bashing cisgender people isn't the right way to seek equality. Hate doesn't stop hate. Have a nice day<3

How does one get assigned a body at birth

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Shatter you? Ok. Her She Female. The only types of transgender that should be in the world is female to male and male to female, because shit sometimes happens in the brain that don't match with our bodies. Genderfluid itself is a fucking joke

Oh ho ho, this is the same anon that sent hate to my eren rp blog. Hello again. I’ll say it a bit louder this time. GENDER IS A SPECTRUM AND GENDERFLUIDITY IS ON THAT GOD DAMNED SPECTRUM!! now..

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please kindly get the fuck off my blog. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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One time I finally say to one of my college friend ¨I'm asexual¨, this person ask me ¿So you are lesbian? I say no and I explain her what asexual means, and she ask me: ¿So you don't like girls?. I want to scream.

oh my god that is so annoying it’s like she’s being purposely obtuse 

like, psa to all straight people, ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ are not the only sexualities out there

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Is it okay for me as a cisgender person to call people out if they're are using the wrong pronouns for people? Like my friends always say they/them/he to Caitlyn Jenner, can I say that her pronouns are actually she/her?

OH MY GOD YES!!!!!!!!!! yes this is so okay!!! in fact, it really makes a difference when cis people point it out! that’s so good. I like that you make an effort because cis people should actively point out when people are using incorrect pronouns. It was nice of you to ask, so yeah go ahead. I don’t have any problem with it bc that’s the sort of supportive attitude people need.