Request: Imaging M!reader accidentally saving Cisco from a meta and having them fall head over heels for each other <3

Word count: 384

A/N: I know Elektra is the name of a Marvel character, but it’s a cool name.

You had been fixing a telephone line when the particle accelerator went off. You had absorbed a significant amount of energy which unfortunately rendered you in a coma for a week. When you had awoken you noticed lights flickering near you and then becoming immensely brighter before burning out completely. It had been when you got annoyed at your brother and pushed him into a wall when you saw the electric current run through you. You had prided yourself on your morality and therefore used this newfound power for the benefit of others. Electra was what they called you.

You didn’t have much fighting experience prior to the accident but after fighting different metas for several months you got the knack of it. Being punched through a wall never hurts any less though. “That all you got?” The Meta that just thrown you through a wall asked cockily. You were pretty sure you had a mild concussion and wasn’t in the mood for a sassy comeback and so you threw a lightening bolt at him. Luckily you two had been going back and forth for about half an hour and it was finally wearing him down.  But then something exploded in your field of vision which distracted you and he ran. Cursing at yourself you tried following him but you were only gifted the power of electricity control and not super speed not that you were ungrateful or anything.

When you finally caught up with him he was holding a hostage but you took no time in blasting the Meta where he wasn’t covered by his human-shield. “Thanks,” the hostage whispered breathlessly.

“Don’t worry, are you alright though?”

“I am now,” he smirked, “I’m Cisco by the way.”

“Electra,” you responded. Never has anyone hit on you so fast after almost being killed, but you had to admit, when you brought him out under a street lamp to check for wounds he did seem quite attractive.

“Hey, I know this may seem abrupt but what do you say to a date? Just you and me.”

“Are you forgetting the fact that you could have died like 3 minutes ago.”

“The past is in the past.”

“Sure.” You could never really see yourself looking forward to date with someone you just rescued up until now.