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Prompt: Ch 1's date is getting super handsy and they text Ch 2 begging for rescue. Ch 2 decides to enact said rescue by pretending to be the angry boyfriend/girlfriend and Ch 1 wonders where that came from and how it's so sexy. Could be AU

She wasn’t used to dating. She had all of one boyfriend in high school, a boy with dark hair and a thin nose who loved science fiction and physics and her, apparently (though she never really believed him). He was nice, as far as she remembered, up until the very end of their relationship when he started getting nasty and cruel, after she shut him out. He didn’t demand much until then, either; only after she stopped saying “I love you,” did he start asking for things she didn’t want to give him. He played guitar.

In college, she tried to avoid any type of romantic entanglement, though there was one girl her junior year that smiled with a sparkle in her eye. Fire red hair, dark skin, and a complete disinterest in science. “Oh, come on, Caitie,” she said, and Caitlin would smile hesitantly at her before going along with whatever crazy plan she’d laid out. Crash a frat party? Steal a chair from the dining hall? Break into the school newspaper with Caitlin’s key card? Done and done and done. They never quite dated, and even though Caitlin liked her, she didn’t like the person that she became when she was around. Or, maybe she did. Her memory, usually so crystal clear, got hazy at the edges when she tried to think back to that time.

She dated a fellow TA in grad school and wondered if what she felt was love or lust or something in between, something on the precipice of a serious relationship. It wasn’t.

Then she met Ronnie, and it reminded her of taking that first deep breath in the spring air, when the world is just warm enough to come back alive again. He laughed at her, his eyes crinkling long before his mouth even moved, and she thought that this was it. She’d never date anyone again. She wouldn’t need to, unless he came to his senses at some point in the future, realized he could do better.

He died.

It wasn’t the same as leaving her, but.

“So,” her date said. He set down his drink. “You’re a scientist, huh?”

Caitlin nodded. “I’m a biological engineer,” she said. “I do research. And you… do what, exactly?”

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SO MUCH FOR ME // a killervibe playlist

dumb I sound - sufjan stevens // safe in my hands - eli lieb // somebody to you - the vamps // you are enough - sleeping at last // your eyes - the high fives // fine by me - andy grammer // brave face - delta goodrem // shine - years and years // one thing - finger eleven // you are in love (acoustic) - taylor swift

So I just finished #2

The first season of The Flash. I didn’t have many expectations for this series, mainly because it looked less darker than Daredevil (which I also finished recently,great show!) And, well, less entertaining and more cliche.
But oh my was I wrong.
I do admit that the first episodes didn’t get me hyped at all, but eventually I grew to love The Flash. The main reason why I fell in love with the show was definitely the lovely main characters: Barry, Caitilin, Cisco and Joe. There were some very interesting characters like Dr.Wells, which **spoilers alert** sadly died, but I hope comes back next season, I ADORED this character. So mysterious and insanely awesome.
On the other hand, I didn’t like the fact that the show was trying to make us like Iris. I’m preety sure that after ** spoilers alert** Eddie’s death Iris and Barry are endgame, but personally I think that Iris was written very poorly, and has very little chemistry with Barry if you compare her to Caitlin. In my opinion, I think that the entire fandom would be happy if Barry and Caitlin were endgame, even though shes probably gonna become **spoiler alert** Killer Frost. PLEASE DON’T AND EVEN IF YOU DO FIND SOME WAY TO BRING BACK THE OLD CAITLIN,
Andddd also cause she and Ronnie got married.
To sum up, I can not wait! For the next season, and I recommend to all of you people out there to watch The Flash.