During the Bush Administration, the American family unit was systematically attacked in a series of policies and conservative ideologies that put financial stress on lower and middle class families and caused children to become orphans. Britney Spears began placing pressure on the new Obama Administration in 2009 to restore American families by creating the family values movement in her music video for If U Seek Amy. These newly developed traditional values of child rearing, being a good neighbor, and football viewership had a major influence on federal policies and quickly restored the family by 2010.



“They were really messy, and had this obsession with each other’s weiners. I don’t understand it. I’m lucky I got out when I did…. not that it was really worth it considering that we blew up the fortune telling device….and then my parents kept me in the basement….and tried to get me to eat people….Huh I forgot how terrible it all actually was.”

Politics is a serious business. It’s about people’s lives, their hopes, their dreams, their futures. It’s about war and peace and the fate of the planet. It’s wrong to treat it as a sporting event or a form of entertainment.

But not tonight!

Tonight we are being treated to the one time in all of politics when it’s perfectly acceptable, indeed required, to sit back with a cold one and just enjoy the political circus for its sheer entertainment value. Tonight begins the greatest show on earth: the Republican presidential primary debates. And this one is going to be a doozy, featuring as it does the most crowded clown car in Republican primary circus history.

Christie. Huckabee. Cruz. TRUMP. If the names in tonight’s main event are any indication, it’s gonna be a bloodbath