tagged by webdirt to do the ten shuffle thing!!

1. fall out boy - fame < infamy
2. fall out boy - alone together
3. nirvana - come as you are [1994 - mtv unplugged in new york]
4. my chemical romance - house of wolves
5. kyary pamyu pamyu - candy candy
6. fall out boy - beat it
7. my chemical romance - the sharpest lives
8. green day - kill the dj
9. nirvana - paper cuts
10. bikini kill - finale

i tag cliche-my-ass beforethwaves circus-of-values and anyone else who wants to!! just tell me and i’ll tag u too


Bought some tattoo paper to test the tattoos I want and I can now say I’m going out of my mind waiting for the money to get them done!!

circus-of-values asked:

Will I ever find someone in my life? It's super lame I know and can you tell me something about my future days? Thank youuuu 👻♥

I’m so so so so so so so so sorry this is so late!!!!

For the someone in your life, I drew The Hierophant. The Hierophant is all about learning and rigidity. So I think you will find someone, but you’ll have to be more flexible and open. 

For your future days, I drew the Nine of Wands. This means that you will, at some point, face hardships. However, it is not a completely hopeless situation. The Nine of Wands is about experience. So you’ll be able to survive whatever comes your way because you have done so before and are strong enough!