Your hand is shaking on the doorknob, you can still hear the laughter from somewhere in the distance. The door won’t open, it feels slimy, wet, almost. You back up, struggling to reload your grenade launcher, figuring you could blow the door open. You back up slowly, you just had the grenades in your pocket, where could they have gone!? You start to panic, maybe you used the last ones. Maybe you could drop by the El Ammo Bandito machine you passed a bit away. However, a shadow stood over you. You were cornered. You turned around, your change in your hand, he was there.
Not like this…

//im so not sorry

Hear me out here: autistic Little Sisters.

- Little Sisters that have echolalia and it’s why they repeat the same few phrases over and over.

- Little Sisters that stim by playing with the string of their dress, twirl their hair, and tap their little feet.

- Little Sisters that happily flap their arms when they see Delta/their Big Daddy because they’re so excited to see them.

- Delta and other Big Daddies knowing just what to do when they have a sensory overload episode.

- Tenenbaum, being autistic herself, develops a kinship with them because she knows exactly what it’s like and has stim toys with her at all times.

- Little Sisters explaining their special interests to Delta, and Sinclair since he’s technically listening in, as they ride on the former’s back. Some girls are into trains, others Disney Princesses, butterflies, and one girl is absolutely obsessed with the Circus of Values because her special interest are clowns.

- Delta is an avid listener.

- Little Sisters seem to have a schedule so they do pretty well and get used to it. The sudden change of environment, sounds, and loss of their routine can cause an overload, but I feel like it would do the same for a neurotypical child.


Bought some tattoo paper to test the tattoos I want and I can now say I’m going out of my mind waiting for the money to get them done!!



“They were really messy, and had this obsession with each other’s weiners. I don’t understand it. I’m lucky I got out when I did…. not that it was really worth it considering that we blew up the fortune telling device….and then my parents kept me in the basement….and tried to get me to eat people….Huh I forgot how terrible it all actually was.”

things I also love about bioshock that I missed from my last post:

  • that one splicer in arcadia who calls u beautiful ♥
  • the security bots. honestly they’re so fucking stupid and
    crash into the walls 40 times, they’re like my idiot children
    with machine guns strapped to them I love
  • langford not giving a fuck about rapture drama she just
    wants her plants back
  • when u walk into fontaine’s apartment and he’s got 
    ‘danny boy’ playing on the phonograph way to rub salt
    in the wound frank u piece of shit
  • the circus of values clown haunting ur nightmares until
    the day u die
  • walking into the fighting mcdonagh’s tavern and going
    off ur tiny 4 yr old tits on abandoned undersea booze
  • and this: