Circuit Training


Weigh in day!

10/23 weight - 230.8
12/5 weight - 230.0 
↓ 0.8 lbs

Hellooooo Monday! Decided to weight in today, since it’s been more than overdue. I was honestly expecting to have a gain here since I’ve been all over the place. Inconsistent has become my new normal but I’m hoping that when I start that circuit training class in January, I’ll be able to get myself back into some sort of losing weight mindset. I’m so close to being out of the 230′s. So. Close. I’ve been stalled out here all year. I’m ready for that breakthrough. I’m ready to keep making progress. I’m ready to be done with this stupid plateau!! =P 

I’ve definitely had enough time now to adjust to being back in school, and my new schedule with the two jobs. Time to get back on track Jess. I haven’t gone completely off of it I guess as I haven’t been gaining, but I’m more than ready to start losing again!

Hope everyone has a great Monday! 


Bodyweight Workout for Women

Found this awesome workout on Popsugar and decided to do it as part of my cross training tonight.

Warm up for 3-5 minutes and then do the 3 circuits below:

Circuit 1

  • Elbow Plank with Leg Lifts x 20 reps

Repeat circuit 3x

Circuit 2

  • Curtsy Lunge x 10 reps ea. side
  • Squat to Side Kick x 12 reps ea. side

Repeat circuit 3x

Circuit 3

  • Pilates Roll-up x 10 reps
  • Leaning Lunge x 12 reps ea. side

Repeat circuit 3x

To increase the burn, I used a 15lb kettlebell for the squats, russian twists and lunges.

The entire workout took me about 25 minutes.

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Full body circuit:

1. Walking lunges 4x8 (each leg) SS dumbbell deadlift 4x12 SS calve raises 4x12

2. Lat pull down (wide grip) 4x8 SS overhead tricep extension 4x12 SS bent over row 4x12

3. Chest press 4x12 SS lateral raises 4x8 SS hammer curls 4x8

4. Dumbbell front squat 4x12 SS cable pull through 4x8 SS pulse squat w/ kettle bell 4x12

5. Bicycle crunches 4x20 (each side) SS hanging leg raises 4x15 SS sit ups 4x12

Workout Videos

I’ve found all of these videos streaming online on various websites, please let me know here if any of the links aren’t working so I can find an alternate site or if you have requests send them to me there as well and I’ll do the best I can to help. I will update this list as I find more fun and challenging workouts to keep your collection varying and exciting. :) 

Maintenance Check: 2/19/2015



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Victoria’s Secret Train Like An Angel Workouts
Workout Wednesday: No Gym, No Problem!
This week I have been battling a cold and started going stir crazy from the feeling of being so unproductive. Finally, yesterday I loaded up on cold medicine and spent the afternoon and evening pum…

I’m helping my friend prep for her wedding (43 days to go!) and we’ve been meeting up for weekly workouts. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or just looking to shape up as we head further into summer, follow along! Here is our workout from last night, you can print this or save the image on your phone so it’s easy to follow along at the gym.

How to do the workout: Start with a slow to medium 5 minute jog to get yourself warmed up. Next you’ll be doing speed work. A 400 on the treadmill is .25 of a mile. For .25 of a mile you’ll increase your speed, how fast you go is up to you. Once you’ve completed that distance, reduce the speed and give yourself up to a minute to recover. You can either walk or jog during that minute. Repeat this a total of 6 times, trying to get faster with each 400.

Then move on to the circuits. Start with Circuit 1, do all three moves without any breaks in-between and repeat so that you complete Circuit 1 three times. Then move on to Circuit 2 and do the same thing, do each move without breaks and complete the circuit three times. You’ll need two dumbbells for the overhead presses, bicep curls and bent flys. I recommend using 5-10 pound weights.

The last circuit is all abs work. Do each move for a full minute without any breaks, the entire abs routine takes 10 minutes.

At the end stretch for a few minutes.

Here are links to a few of moves to help you as you go: Overhead press / Mountain climber / Bicep curls / Bent flys / Side crunch / Reverse crunch / High to lows / Side plank

*reminder, I’m not a certified trainer but I work out a lot and like to make my own routines. follow along if you’d like, I’ll be posting new #fitbride workouts each week!*