Wolves can shape the ecosystem and physical geography of the land they live on. When wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park in ‘95 after a 70-year absence, trees grew faster, animal populations increased, and rivers even changed their behavior because new vegetation helped reduce erosion. Source Source 2 Source 3


She spent two years in a tree to avoid being cut

The year was 1997 and a woman, who at the time was 23, decided to save Luna, a redwood tree 60 meters high and over 500 years. That December 10, Julia turned that tree in her home for two years, changing her life forever.

Over a thousand rings had the trunk of Luna when a chainsaw wanted to cut it through. Fortunately, the fate of this twisted tree. A young butterfly alighted on it and spent 738 days in its branches forcing the company Pacific Lumber to suspend cutting this and other forest trees from Stanford, California.

December 10th, 1997, Julia climbed the tree. Her new home was located now at 50 meters. In 3 square meters Julia placed everything she needed: a canvas, its walls; a small stove, the kitchen; a bucket with a sealed bag, bathroom and a sponge (to collect rainwater), her shower.

Her case became known in the world and eight days after they were fulfilled two years of her stay in the tree, Julia put her feet on earth.

The company assumed responsibility for environmental policy to include in future work that was performed.

Today, Julia is still involved in environmental commitments. She helped create the NGO “Circle of Life

ITS THE CIRCLEEE OF LIFEEEEEE~ It’s finally Pearl’s turn to hold Steven, but she got a bit carried away…

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The Broadway cast of The Lion King spontaneously regaled a New York subway with “Circle of Life”

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Darren Criss at Anaheim - Full show!

Well actually this is just part 1 right now, but it has the first three songs, and parts 2 - 5 with the rest of the concert are in the process of being uploaded to my youtube account here. (Each part is taking about an hour to upload - I’ll edit this as they finish.)

EDIT - Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

EDIT 2 - Youtube took down part 1 due to “copyright infringement.” I really don’t want to risk losing my account, so for now I’ve made the remaining videos private. I might upload them separately elsewhere, but until then, sorry.


The Lion King Australia cast sings Circle of Life on the flight home from Brisbane, and all is right in the world!