Harry Styles and Cillian Murphy on set together during the final days filming in Weymouth, Dorset for Dunkirk - July 28, 2016


Harry Styles on the set of Dunkirk in Weymouth, UK today 7/28/16
Does Harry look straight into the paps camera and give them the death glare to try to make them stop? Or is it just a coincidence he looks there? Either way, he seriously stops people’s hearts doing that.

anonymous asked:

Seeing those photos of Cillian and Harry makes me wonder what they could possibly have in common?

All those new Dunkirk photos, so great! At least 2 things in common:

1. They’re both on GQ UK’s list of 50 Best Dressed Men in Britain (Cillian’s at 41, Harry’s at 6).

2. Cillian started off in a band too, Sons of Mr Green Genes. Lead singer (and guitarist). Listen to a single here.

I doubt they’ve discussed #1 :)  Would bet that #2 has come up plus all things music. Can’t wait for the press tour interviews!