kandreil bodyswap au for @keysandhonesty for the @aftgexchange!

(also shoutout to @andrewiel who i talked to about this au and to @gangseyys for helping me out! <3)

  • spite is one of the main essences in the kandreil household
  • especially between kevin and andrew
  • so neil gets used to seeing andrew climbing up a chair to reach his sweets or kevin searching for the vegetables that andrew threw away
  • it’s a fucking mess
  • but what else is new
  • neil usually stays out of it bc “it’s childish, stop it”
  • (he one time tried to interfere and the next day he couldn’t find his clothes for running)
  • (he doesn’t know if andrew or kevin did it)
  • (it was andrew)
  • but one day everything gets even messier
  • neil gets on his normal morning jog
  • but as he comes back, there is … chaos hell
  • andrew is sitting in front of the hall mirror and looking horrified
  • kevin sits at the couch and stares blankly at his hands
  • of course neil gets instantly worried
  • “neil, tell me that this is not real” comes from andrew
  • neil literally has visible ???? over his head
  • “i’m kevin, not andrew”
  • neil would think they are joking, but he never saw andrew express this much emotion before
  • so he looks at kevin andrew at the couch who looks at them with a frown
  • “do you have anything to do with this?”
  • “h o w would i?”
  • andrew’s got a headache
  • he reaches for the pack of cigarrettes, but oh boy
  • kevin did not forget who’s body andrew’s currently in
  • “i will kill you if you do that, i never smoked once in my life”
  • andrew stands up
  • WITH the cigarettes in his hand
  • kevin goes straight to the fridge and gets the first green thing he sees
  • “istg, i will stuff your body with vegetables”
  • “i will kill you”
  • “you’d kill yourself”
  • this is confusing
  • they all don’t like it
  • please end it

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a thought: andrew minyard does not only smoke for the distraction of smell but also because of anxiety-induced oral fixation

let me be perfectly clear, andrew knows when to stoke himself into apathy and, therefore, is capable of calming himself from an anxious bout. but as a person who unconciously bites their lips, this could pose as a theory.

neil first notices it when they’re out. andrew is chewing a stick of gum, and spits it out into an old parking ticket from Eden’s. When they’re in, neil notices again, how andrew’s chewing something. during evening practices, andrew can be seen at the bleachers with a lollipop and kevin’s phone. when benched at a game, andrew watches with bored eyes and his mouthpiece being chewed to dear bits. when andrew helps him with his questions during exam, he’s got a pen cap stuck between his teeth while he checks neil’s papers for wrong answers.

neil eventually catches onto moments he know would start this behavior. God forbid andrew starts indulging this fixation when he doesn’t have anything to latch onto and eventually skin his lip or chew his nails off

andrew doesn’t catch on too quickly, but he does notice when neil brings along mint gum or more packs of cigarrettes or asks for more kisses. he really doesn’t mind