Los signos como Cigarrillo,drogas o alcohol

Cigarrillos: Escorpio,cáncer,piscis,libra,tauro,virgo,capricornio

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Drogas: Aries,acuario,geminis,sagitario,escorpio, cáncer

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 Alcohol: Tauro,geminis,acuario,leo,sagitario,aries

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Háblame de la chica bonita.

La que lleva un corazón roto

e intenta tapar sus heridas.

Háblame de ella y de lo bonito

que se la ve sonriendo

cuando bebe veneto

y sus ojitos se van apagando.

Háblame de su hermoso cabello,

de su mirada

de su belleza

de su tristeza…

Háblame de ella y sirve

un poco más de ginebra.

Saca los cigarrillos

y sigue hablándome de ella.

(Roger Álvarez)

I was thinking about it earlier and, yes, latine cultures are unique, diverse and all that. Heck, I live in Brazil, and I can guarantee you, each state has it’s own culture, customs, traditions, folklore and all that. We can’t even agree as a nation what’s the word for cookie!

(é biscoito)

So like, of course you can’t expect every country to have the same culture and dishes and music and all that, when not even a single country have that. 

But, by following other latines, and talking to people from the neighbor countries over my life, I learned that there are a few things that can be considered Universal Latine Experiences. Among them

🌺 The thing with rice and beans. Like, no country will ever have them the same way, of course. But it’s… Overall, so present. Some will lean more to the rice, some to the beans, but it’s there, wherever you go

🌺 Seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about winter where it’s summer where you live, and it’s so bad, your flip flops actually started melting when you went out to buy something cold to drink

(alternatively, seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about summer and giving out tips on how to control the heat when you are freezing on your couch and wrapped in three blankets)

🌺  The overall feeling of companionship? Like, I won’t like, I know it’s not perfect. There is a huge problem with xenophobia (I would say Brazil is the worst on this matter, but then again, it’s easier for me to see it here since I live here), and there is some bloody history between some countries. But the companionship is still there, you know?? We call each other hermanos, we receive each other in out country with open arms, we share our culture… I don’t know, there is some beauty to it. Or maybe this is all in my head because I’m feeling specially gushy today

🌺 Going to your grandmother’s house almost every sunday for lunch. Greeting your uncles and aunties, and asking blessings from your grandparents (even when you aren’t catholic anymore, but at this point, it is more a sign of respect and affection rather then religion) before going to play with your cousins in the backyard, while your parents play cards with their siblings or help your grandmother with the kitchen. 

When you notice it, it’s already midnight, and they are still playing cards. Come on, pai, we need to go home, I have class tomorrow. Just one more round, flor. But your said that three rounds ago!  

🌺 Having your natives being wiped out to near extinction my foreigner invasors, if not complete, and then having your fauna and flora destroyed, being forcefully brought to a distant land as slaves, and then when you finally say enough for both the invasors and slavery and call your land as yours, usa comes and fund a dictatorship in your country to which your people is still trying to recover from 

🌺  Little statues of saints and the Virgem Maria and portraits of Jesus and crosses and candles all over your elder’s house. Old houses with old paint on the walls, an old radio playing music in the kitchen, a road of battered down bricks and dirt, and your great grandmother is there, smoking a cigarillo de paja on the steps that lead to her house, keeping an eye on you as you play with your cousins and the neighbor kids you met that day, but it already feels like an eternity

🌺 El Chavo Del Ocho

🌺  Reclaiming your own culture after years of cultural imperialism saying that it’s not a good culture. Falling in love again with something that you were coerced to fall out of love with as you grew up. Learning again how to love the local legends, when you were thought that they were no good, and that the ones from europe and usa are betters. Learning again how to love your traditional music, dances, culture when you were thought that those were no good, that the ones from europe and usa are better. Learning your history in dept, seeing how complex and rich it is, after years hearing that it’s boring, not as interesting as those from usa and europe. Just… Falling in love with your roots again, and getting excited every time you see something from your country making success out there, and then also getting excited when something from you neighbors make success out there and yes! We deserve this! We deserve to have our history told and shared and appreciated too!

🌺  These assholes, somehow

hopeless records is like that guy who is really sweet and always makes you feel important and makes sure your needs are met and brings you lunch out of the blue sometimes cutting the bread crust off for you and maybe he wears socks with his sandals but it’s alright because he can pull them off

while fueled by ramen is that guy in the back of the club wearing a fedora hat and sunglasses inside because he’s #broody, smoking inside while blowing it in your face, wearing cargo shorts, smelling like cigarillos asking you for your number and then calling you a tease when you don’t give it to him

Esa niña que jugaba con muñecas ahora juega con cigarillos, esa niña a la que le ilusionaba un regalo ahora le desilusiona todo, esa niña alegre se volvio sumisa y cada dia se encerraba mas en si misma en el recuerdo de lo que fue, porque cuando esa niña crecio se dio cuenta que no todo era color rosa, que no habia una princesa pero si una bruja, que las promesas no existian, que no siempre habia un final feliz y que el mundo no es como te lo pintan.