Cigarettes II

Taifun GS II Rebuildable Atomizer Clone

Taifun GS II Rebuildable Atomizer Clone


Glass tank capacity: 3ml

The diameter of the TGT GS2 is the choice of 19mm or 18mm (only the lower ring of airflow change). The 18mm format can be flush with the PIPELINE PRO Slim.

The resistor is mounted on the bottom plate with the resistive wire and cotton fiber freaks or silica. The fluid reservoir is above the liquid supplied via the resistance of the bottom two holes of the central plateau. PTFE tubes supplied or ESS Mesh tubes facilitates the flow of liquid.

The TF GS2 accessories make it very versatile including the 3 slots for airflow ring to triple opening higher airflow and heading dripper, to transform your GS2 a dripper in a very small size and the record of the best.

Pachage Contents:

1 x TF GS II Style Rebuildable Atomizer
1 x Glass Tank
1 x Plastic Tank
1 x Dripping Cap (Allow you to make GS RDA)
1 x Extra One Hole AFC Ring
2 x Air Tube
9 x O-rings in different size

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