Smoking Man von martin
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France, Sony a7R, Sonar FE 55mm F1.8 ZA

anonymous asked:

are you still doing art requests? if you are can I request some under-swap papyton? or is it called papyblook? I actually don't know if mettaton is called mettaton in underswap... umm I guess underswap papyrus and underswap ghost MTT? however that works

Ah, sorry for being so slow drawing this! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but it was so much fun to sit down on the tablet and get to this on my work break.

Yes, I will always take art/scribble requests anytime anytime anytime! I love art requests and I want to thank you so much for coming in with this. XD You made my day stopping by and asking. Hope this works! ^.^

And… you bring up a good question. A legitimately good question. WHAT DO YOU CALL THE PAPYRUS-METTABLOOK SHIP IN UNDERSWAP???