Joana Dias - Aerial Hoop - GRACIETTE

Remy Archer - Aerial Straps - PLATO’S CAVE

Tom Gaskin - Juggler - WATCH

Eva - Elena Casotto - Tightwire - NOW OR NEVER

Everyday Everyday - BA Hons and Postgraduate Devised Pieces

2 - 5 April 2014

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Photography by Bertil Nilsson

Bright green gel and a vibrating 5-blade razor? How far we have fallen, gentlemen. Grow back some of your manhood with a real man’s shave. Texas-based Dirty Deeds Soaps makes classic shave kits that include natural beer-soap lather, boar bristle brushes, and other shaving essentials all packaged in up-cycled wooden cigar boxes.


Black Cat Bone Cigar Box Guitar.

“Hi gang, Not exactly sure if what I have is right for your page but I thought I would send it in just in case? I have a small company called Black Cat Bone Guitars, based in Brisbane Australia, and I’ve attached some pics of my latest build. I started building CBG’s in 2013 and have found very quickly that it was very addictive. I loved doing it so much I decided to quit my day job and focus on making instruments that bring people joy. While I do plan on expanding, into making full bodied Electric Guitars someday soon, at this stage I consider myself a "Luthier in training” and I’m just enjoying the process of learning everything I can as I go. I hope you can perhaps find the space to consider a CBG for your site and I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to stop by blackcatboneguitars any time and say hello.“ - This is soooo awesome. Check out this Youtube video, they have an unexpectedly lovely tone.

Rotterdam-based musician Shelley Rickey makes really cool guitars and ukuleles out of reclaimed and found materials such as cigar boxes, skeleton keys, scrap wood, and more.

In this video (via BoingBoing), Shelley describes (and plays) the above-pictured ukulele; the frets are made from an old bamboo placemat, the string guard is a piece of a metal tea canister, and the tuning pegs are old spools. 

Want to make your own uke? Shelley wrote a tutorial, available here (a downloadable PDF from BUST magazine).

Nice! See Shelley’s Web site – – for additional photos and information.

[Thanks, Shelley!]