Earned It || Bucky x Reader

Summary → Upon receiving his orders to join the 107TH, your mother insists on throwing your long-term boyfriend a wholesome, farewell dinner. But Bucky has different plans in mind. (Set in the 1940′s.)

Word Count → 3.2K

Warnings → Cursing, teasing, fingering, unprotected sex (use protection, kiddos). 

A/N → Happy #FreakyFriday y’all! This is by far my absolute favorite smut I have ever written. Sergeant Barnes being a tease while wearing his uniform? Yes, please. Enjoy & as always, can’t wait to hear your feedback!

“Y/N, could you fetch the floral arrangement? It’s on the kitchen counter next to the toaster.” Your mother instructed, though she would never admit it to you, she was clearly a wreck of nerves.

You nodded with a soft smile before scurrying off to the adjacent kitchen. You found the centerpiece she’d put together with ease, primarily composed of daisies and sunflowers, exactly where your mother had said. It was perfectly arranged in a circular vase, it’s meticulous beauty undoubtedly coming from your mother’s years working as a florist. You took the vase carefully between your hands, gripping it tightly as you hurried back to her.

“Where should I place it?” You questioned, watching as she fidgeted incessantly with the table settings.

“Just there, between the candles.” She pointed to a small space at the center of the table, not bothering to meet your gaze as she adjusted the utensils. With a few final touches, here and there, your mother straightened up and smoothed over her apron. “What do you think?”

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“—K.,” (1/1)

Summary: “He starts leaving notes after that. For anything and everything, if he leaves the house without her knowledge, he leaves a note.”

Notes: This very, very brief drabble is the result of a collaboration between myself and the lovely Svenja (@winterbythesea). Because Killian Jones definitely has gross, beautiful penmanship, and he definitely leaves dumb, dramatic notes everywhere he goes. The freaking handwritten notes in the above photoset were all drawn by and photographed by her, because she is a genius. Small trigger warning for descriptions of a panic attack. Also on Ao3.

+ She wakes up one morning and he’s not there.

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anonymous asked:

Have anything with cigar boxes?


DIY Cigar Box Planters

Make your cigar box into a planter for succulents!

DIY Repurposed Cigar Box to Ring Box

If you have a bunch of rings in need of a good home…

Swift in a Box by David Gothard

Not a tutorial, but a really good idea! Really sweet art project, if you’re into artsy stuff!

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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in the bottom drawer of his desk, sam has an old cigar box where he keeps:

  • a pin jess gave him, many years ago now, that says, “pugs, not drugs.”
  • a photograph of him and dean as kids. in it, sam is 13, and dean is 17.
  • a handful of matchbooks and a few “do not disturb” signs he’s collected from some motels they’ve stayed at over the years.
  • a small sewing kit that’s meant for buttons and zippers but has, more often than not, been used to close up cuts and bullet grazes.
  • a letter from bobby singer. apparently they have paper in heaven.
  • two amulets: one from a high school play, and the real one.
  • a brochure for online college courses he picked up at the library.
  • a pack of playing cards and a few green plastic army men.
  • expired coupons for dog food.

I wanted to change it up a little today and go with one of my favorite guitar accessories I’ve come to own. I’m a huge fan of “picking,” like going to a flea market and looking for treasure among the tons of garbage. I decided to transfer that love over to eBay, and this is what I found. It was listed as an “Overdrive Unit,” and at first I thought it was a joke. I got talked into bidding on it (I didn’t need much persuasion) and ended up winning it. One of my good friends jokingly said that this thing could be the Holy Grail of tone, and when I plugged it in, I was not disappointed. This thing may be nothing more than a cigar box with a couple knobs and a tube sticking out of the top, and it may be held together by rubber bands, but this thing can turn any amp into a blues machine. I try to incorporate this thing into my rig as often as possible.