People who were picked on in high school have a tendency to overcompensate later in life by criticizing and making fun of everything around them to make themselves feel better subconsciously. When called out on such behavior they will usually attempt to rationalize their criticisms so that they can continue truly believe that no matter how pathetic and insignificant they are they are still better than every one and every thing around them.

I fully expect your next comment to be either a verbal attack on me or a defense against how shitty Cici’s Pizza really is. There is also the small chance that you just won’t say anything because you’re too busy crying over the reality check you’ve just faced, rationalized by “he’s just a dumbass who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, probably a 12 year old who needs to take a nap”

When you express negative emotions you should really begin to analyze them, ask yourself why you do that and why you feel it necessary, get to the deeper root of why you feel to it’s important to make an opinion statement overly negative to the point where it could offend others around you. Until you learn to do this and stop rationalizing bad behavior you will continue living your life in fear of every contradiction and disagreement, replaying things in your head over and head in the hopes it will never happen again.

It’s time to move on, I hope you have luck with becoming a better person. Even though I’m sure you’re telling yourself right now that you already are.


Things that I learned today are “ugly”: Making fun of Justice Scalia’s homophobia while he’s in critical condition in the hospital, why would you do something like that, he can’t defend himself

Things that are not ugly: Compulsively responding to the sight of people with mildly revealing clothing by going on 5 minute rambles about various euphemisms for “skanky whore”, saying that the local CiCi’s Pizza turned bad because there were too many scary brown customers, literally anything spewed out of the Adorable Deplorable facebook page

sliimeys  asked:

hc that not only did narancia eat 22 pizzas at cicis pizza and get kicked out, thus achieving his stand, everytime he ate a pizza he went "mmm yummy yummy *yummy~* i am liking THIS pizza verrry much mmmmm yummy yummy yummy!!!"

What do you mean this isn’t canon?

I heard that after his eye infection got better, the doctor was surprised by his low bmi and told him to unleash the b e a s t. Told him to go to the nearest Golden Corral and bring a SLEEPING BAG.