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In defence of tits, most women have them

True, i won’t deny that! Tits on human characters, understandable and alright - but when tits are put on things that aren’t human? That’s when it bugs me a lot, especially when it has no purpose or is unnecessary. What’s worse is when they’re put on things that aren’t even mammal, like then it’s completely just for appeal and that’s just pointless in many ways.

February OC Drawing Challenge, day 7 - Sunny

“If there’s one thing that both Mag and Pie likes and enjoy, is basking in the sun’s warm calming light. It gives them a nostalgic feeling, but neither have any idea why that is.”

Day 7!! Had fun with this one, drawing sunsets n skies is one of my favorite things, along with drawing my characters! So a perfect combo for today’s piece~

Personal Headcanons

I love the headcanon that Scott and Virgil are really close, but I personally believe that Scott and John are just as close, if not closer. This ties in with my love of the autistic!John headcanon, because I believe that Scott, when he learned that John was autistic, devoted himself to be the best brother he could be. It became a bit of a mess once Jeff left the scene, because Scott became lost in his own thoughts and John went up on 5 just to try and cope. They lose sight of each other long enough that Scott doesn’t immediately recognise Eos’ impersonation. When he does realise and it’s all over, he bolts up to 5 and hugs John as hard as he can without breaking him or hurting him further. John, I believe, is reluctant to let anyone but Scott and occasionally his younger brothers hug him. This is the point when Scott decides to rebuild their bond. Eos queries Virgil (after failing with Scott and John) on the whole thing and he doesn’t know as much as he’d like. So she asks Grandma. Grandma tells her of how they’d discovered John was autistic quite early on, due to Lucille having an awful illness (I forgot its name but it was toxic and gave me my own autism and low muscle tone because, when I was born, the belief was that you should leave the baby in the womb for a while, nowadays they’re taken out asap), and carefully trying to explain to a very young Scott what it all meant. Scott clicked on very quickly (bright child) and started forming the bond. The bond was very strong by the time Virgil was born and John was terrified because he thought Scott would abandon their bond. Wrong. Scott never would until Jeff vanished and he was in grief. He never meant to do it. He was just so caught up in everything that it took him a while to rebuild relationships. Meanwhile, John refused to come down for a good while, grieving as well. Like Scott, he never meant to abandon the bond either. There were still fragments intact, but it was only when Eos arrived that the bond came back. After every dangerous mission that Scott or John had been involved in, they made sure the other was okay. Scott did this for all his brothers but he had to make sure John was definitely okay and not straying into a terrible breakdown or worse. Most of the time, John’s okay and so is Scott. He might be a little bit traumatised but otherwise he’s fine. They’ve only had one rescue that sent John panicking. The TV 21 mess scared him to pieces and it was many hours of being curled up in Scott’s bedroom, wrapped in duvets, with brotherly hugs, cookie dough ice cream and Stingray playing that he finally calms down.

Also, during their brief stints at college, they’d always call each other but, due to having different interests, schedules and so on, they could only leave messages. It was when IR started that they saw each other and hugged like mad, right before being bombarded by everyone else.

… Oh wow I wrote a lot.