churon  asked:

If you had any job/career what would that be? :)

I would love to be an actress.  If I was a good one, then I would be able to be like Liv and use that as a platform to make other good things happen in the world.  I acted in high school and it was so good for me.  Gave me something to be.   


Spiderclan Temple - This is the Spiderclan buildling, done for Janice Chu’s personal game project, Knighthood. Spiderclan are the people of the spider, they live in narrow valleys, build their structures out latching onto the cliff walls.

Please check out her work on her Twitter ( or her artstation ( or tumblr (

My Bloodborne obsession compiled along with commissions from Vaati :)

Been wanting to do the other bosses, just have no time to :P