I miss Churchill! Such a fantastic place. <3

1) Arctic fox in full winter coat

2) Curious bear :P

3) Willow Ptarmigan. :D

4) Forests just a bit away from the Hudson Bay. Contains gray wolves, moose, and other critters. Never got to see any of those critters unfortunately, but that doesn’t matter. It was incredible seeing their habitat.

5) Spot the polar bear? :)

All photos © me. Taken in October - November, 2011.

Churchill Manitoba - Home Of The Polar Bears

Churchill Manitoba – Home Of The Polar Bears

Churchill may seemed like just another small settlement in Northern Manitoba Canada; but there is something truly special about this town. Often described as “the polar bear capital of the world”, this is where you will most likely see polar bears in their natural environment. Polar bears are truly fascinating animals. Unlike other bears, they thrive in some the coldest parts on earth and love to…

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Two Icelandic horses that I met when I was in Churchill, Manitoba in November 2011. Not gonna lie, I was worried that they’d get eaten by a polar bear, considering the bears wander all around town. Meeting these guys was the moment I realized just how incredibly awesome this breed is! And why it is now one of my top favorites. I never got to see it, but apparently the owner rides them all around town a lot. Good thing they are a hardy breed considering that the only way they could get access to vet care is by hopping on the train and traveling about 250 miles to Thompson.


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每年10月至11月,都有數以百計的北極熊聚集在加拿大馬尼托巴省北部的哈德森灣(Hudson Bay, Churchill, northern Manitoba),準備遷移到哈德森灣冬季所凝結的浮冰上覓食、狩獵海豹。想當然,這件盛事會吸引多少專家和遊客到此見證。

現在,我們多了一個選擇,就是安坐家中,從互聯網觀看由美國非營利基金會Annenberg Foundation旗下的,以視頻形式直播北極熊遷徙的狀況。

這個視頻,除了讓我們身在千里也能看看北極熊外,還有一個目的,就是集合世界各地的力量,幫助專家們觀察北極熊的行為和健康。點幫?就在Live Cam右上方有一個相機圖案,見到北極熊時按一按,拍下照片就可以了。



微笑地,祝福北極熊們健康安全地生活和繁衍下去 ^^。




懷疑數秒,看了又看,是當地時間2013年11月18日15:07, Wapusk National Park那個Live Cam,看到了看到了。

看著時間一秒一秒地跳,北極熊一步一步地走遠……原來感覺是那麼奇妙,我好像與北極熊在同一時空點上連上了,眼淺的我差點感動得落淚,還忘了Screencap =_=。

你們也試試看,下面的Linking可直接到Live Cam。不過如果你看到黑漆漆的,不用怕,因為,是天黑了,別忘了時差 XD:!/live-cams/player/polar-bear-cape-churchill-cam