My buttery dreams of living next door to a savory and sweet pie bakery have finally come to fruit-filled fruition.  Last Thursday, I wafted into Proper Pie, riding on the aromatic waves flowing from the one-room bake-and-eatery.  

Though I was one of millions of curious Church Hiller’s Hillian’s Hill passersby eager to sample the miniature wares, an immediate sense of community and awkward proximity due to small spaces closeness permeated through my anxiety, which I attribute to being encircled by cozy circular comfort food as well as Nikki’s equally warm personality (which makes you feel about as toasty as their pastries).

Proper Pie has opened their doors to a neighborhood deficient of a grab-and-go lunch spot, so it was no surprise they’ve already been catering to lines wrapped around their store front and selling out faster than you can properly pronounce Kumara.  

After a brief stint in line (thankfully, as I utilized the wait to greedily snap up pictures and memorize menu items for my future stomach needs), I at long last reached the light at the end of the pie-hole.  

Much to my chagrin luck, they were sold out of the spinach and cheese, but offering a veggie replacement pie loaded with curry and lentils. In one bite, I saw my life flash before my eyes and realized their namesake was truly a euonym.  Small but substantial, my entry into the Clean Plate Club was met with a full belly and satiated taste buds.

With their impressive and delectable canon of pies, Nikki and Neil have successfully sown their seeds, adding a fresh cornerstone establishment to our fare fair town.  And for that, we thank you.

Proper Pie
2505 East Broad Street
Richmond VA 

Richmond! My neighbor found this sad kitten alone under her porch last night, and she brought said kitten to us for temporary housing.

Kitten has been bathed, flea combed, and has taken to nursing from a syringe. She likes to explore corners.

Responsible parties who offer a permanent home to this sad kitten will no longer be called “kittenless fools” by me or others. Think about it. PM me.