Here’s the sweater I made for my Church cosplay!! It’s all hand crotched by me, and it’s not 100% finished (I want to put a nice hem around the neck) but it’ll be done for now. 

I’ve already started work on my cousin’s Caboose sweater that’ll say “Church’s best friend” so I really just need to figure out the helmets. Hopefully my plan for them will work out and these will turn out great!!!!

🙏🏾 On This Day… 

Let’s remember the four little girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963: 

 Addie Mae Collins (April 18, 1949 - September 15, 1963) 
 Denise McNair (November 17, 1951 - September 15, 1963) 
 Carole Robertson (April 24, 1949 - September 15, 1963) 
 Cynthia Wesley (April 30, 1949 - September 15, 1963)