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Our heartfelt condolences go out to those affected by the terrible fire in Kensington, West London.

If you are based in London and can help with clothes, food, blankets etc then please donate these to:
- St Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ

If you are concerned about someone you know who may have been affected, a number has been set up - 0800 0961 233

This tragedy also serves as another reminder that we should never, ever stop recognising the heroic bravery, dedication and humanity of our emergency services who never hesitate to put themselves in harms way. Thank you.


Saint Andrew’s Manse [Quinsborough Road In Bray]-127035 by William Murphy
Via Flickr:
Detached three-bay two-storey Manse, built in 1850. 


Every Sunday since Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, Ada Reyes and her four children have walked half an hour to church. Down a winding road, dodging fallen trees and debris, they walk past cement houses still bearing flood marks, and finally cross the Vivi — a small river in Utuado, a city in the central mountain region.

The Iglesia Cristiana Monte Olivar church is small: one room, with a few rows of chairs all facing two podiums up front. There are about 30 people, all standing when we arrive. Two associate pastors offer a prayer and members pray over each other, some in tears and embracing each other as they pray.

It’s been a hard few weeks in Utuado. Many roads nearby are still too dangerous to drive because of heavy flooding and strewn debris. Schools remain closed. Businesses that are open, including a Walgreen’s and an AutoZone, are powered by generators and have long lines and full parking lots seeding traffic jams.

People here are about to start their third week without electricity or water. Nearly 90 percent of the island is still without power.

‘Here, We Are United’: A Puerto Rico Church Offers Comfort After Hurricane Maria

Photos: Carol Guzy for NPR


From cobblestones to country roads, the Mercedes-AMG A-Class will take you home.

[Mercedes-AMG A 45 4MATIC | Combined fuel consumption: 7.3–6.9 l/100 km | CO2 emission: 171–162 g/km |]

#MBsocialcar by Alex Stead

Nine to Five (Part 1)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Father Stiles AU. All Y/n wants is to find a new family to care for, when she comes across an AD in the newspaper, she couldn’t be happier. Stiles hires a new nanny for his daughter, but he soon realizes that he hired someone that would soon become much more than just a nanny.

Do let me know what you think about this, pretty please. Feedback is always wanted. I remember reading something similar to this and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head; I really enjoyed writing it!

Part 2

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“What about this one?” Lydia questioned, eyeing a small square at the corner of the newspaper. “Nine to Five nanny service needed in the Beacon Hills area, must have experience with children under six years old. Email your resume… Short, straight to the point.” She mused, showing you the ad. You shrugged your shoulders, nodding at her to tell her to send your resume. With a few clicks on her computer, she smiled at you and took a sip of her coffee.

Being without a job for the last two weeks felt amazing, you felt like a new person; refreshed and comfortable. You were sad to see the family you looked after move all the way to the United Kingdom, you always thought you’d see Lori and Brett growing up so your heart shattered when the news was broke to you, but after a couple of days, you accepted it and it was time to move on. Except every ad in the newspaper was either taken or two hours away.

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Enchanting town plazas that date back to medieval times, rolling hills as far as the eye can see, castles cloaked in the mystery of Count Dracula, craggy mountain vistas, and a seemingly infinite array of fortresses and churches. And don’t forget the Transfagarasan – arguably the most spectacular road in the world
—  Huffington Post about the prettiest country of Europe: Romania