How a Wing Chun kick can benefit you in a fight…

You’ll notice that in the first two gifs, the instructor is fighting off his opponent with close-up Wing Chun techniques: lots of blocking and striking.
Well, when he introduces a simple kick, it changes the entire dynamic of the fight. The “typical” Wing Chun kick aims low. It can hit anywhere between the ankle and the waist and can have quite a dramatic effect on a fight.
Even without power behind it, the kick can go for the knee joints or groin, causing your opponent to back their waist away and fold into your punches (see gif three and four). With power it can be even more destructive, causing enough damage for you to step forward and push your attacker away or follow up with some heavier punches, knocking them down.
It basically keeps distance between their lower half and you, while bringing their head closer. Considering a kick in the balls is one of your best friends in an attack scenario, it’s a nice technique to learn as the Wing Chun kick isn’t nearly as telegraphed as other styles of kicking. If they approach with force and you thrust out your leg correctly, you can even use their own movement against them, using their bollocks as a cushion between their body and the sole of your foot.

Eric Nam, Seo In Guk, BTOB’s Changsub, And More To Head To Mongolia For “Law Of The Jungle”

Eric Nam, Seo In Guk, BTOB’s Changsub, And More To Head To Mongolia For “Law Of The Jungle”

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Some of the cast of the upcoming season of “Law of the Jungle” has been revealed!

On July 26, a source from SBS stated that Ye Ji Won, Park Se Young, Lee Chun Hee, Kim Min Kyo, Eric Nam, and BTOB’s Changsub will be starring in the upcoming Mongolia season of “Law of the Jungle.”

In addition, on July 27, the production team of “Law of the Jungle” announced that actor Seo In Gukwill be making his…

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“My Love From Another Star” Drama Review!!

WARNING- I’M SURE THERE WILL BE SPOILERS so if you plan on watching it and don’t want stuff ruined for you, proceed with caution!

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So I’m super late on the draw with this show.  It came out a few years ago and probably took me a year to finish (not on purpose, but I was watching it with Admin Marie and we both had to take a break for a bit).  But it was easy to pick back up in the middle after not having seen the second half of the episodes.  

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Here are the deets- 

“My Love From Another Star,” also known as “You Who Came From The Stars,” came out in 2013. It’s about an alien who lands on Earth back in the Joseon Dynasty and gets stuck here for the next 400 years till his “comet” comes back around.  When he only has about 3 months left, he meets a girl… and none of his super powers can keep him away from her (even though he tries REALLY hard).  

Our leading lady, Chun Song Yi, is played by the very lovely and quirky Jeon Ji Hyun…

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And our super hot, very flustered alien, Do Min Joon, is played by Kim Soo Hyun…

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::swoony swoon swoon::

Anyway… I’m just gonna dive right on into this.  

Considering that he’s been stuck here for 400 years, I appreciated that there weren’t tons of flashbacks. Not that I don’t like the history aspect, but it really isn’t usually my thing, so since this was set pretty much 95% in the present, I didn’t get bored. His backstory was artfully explained and GOOD GOD, CAN I PLEASE HAVE HIS APARTMENT WITH THE LIBRARY?! Do Min Joon didn’t come off as cold and heartless as most of these trope-y romantic leads, and even sometimes when he did seem brooding, he had good reason- apparently close contact with humans makes him sick. And he gets adorably flustered whenever he starts to catch feels for Chun Song Yi. ^-^

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Chun Song Yi wasn’t my favorite, to be honest. I liked some aspects of her, because there were times when she was a really strong, independent woman.  But other times, she was downright embarrassing. She gets really hardheaded and pushy.  And at some points, her little freak outs over things made me cringe. However, when she gets serious, SHE MEANS BUSINESS. When she falls in love, it’s wonderful and you can see that she’s not just an annoying former big shot actress.  

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I thought that the conflict in the show was really good. It was all conspiracy and exciting and good lord, the villain was spine-tinglingly glorious.  He really makes you hate him. I’m pretty sure that every time he was on screen, I uttered “THIS BASTARD.” He was quite devious, and devastatingly hot. Trust me. ::aggressively fans self::

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I can truthfully say that I was not disappointed with the smooches. For me, it wasn’t “Queen In Hyun’s Man” level smooches, but it was still REALLLLLY good. The only turn off for me was the fact that every time he kissed her, he’d get sick. I know it was a plot thing, because you know… alien… but still.  It made me treasure every kiss but also dread each one of them as well because who wants to get sick right when it starts getting good? 

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Truthfully, I’m happy I finally got to watch this drama. It kept me engaged, enraged, and entertained. The characters had depth and I really ended up liking them, villain or hero.  The side characters actually had a point instead of just being around as friends of the leads and they kept me laughing (and sometimes a little teary eyed as well). 

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All this being said, I was really disappointed in the ending. This is where the spoilers come in, so if you’ve read up to here and are planning to watch this, you can either read the ending to my review and be prepared for what happens or just skip this part and make your assumptions by yourself. 

Here we go.

The end of this drama is misleading. For quite a few episodes you get this setup, and really, it gave me this direct line of thinking, and made me kind of happy thinking I knew how it was going to end. See, Do Min Joon is slowly losing his powers. This becomes quite evident as the show goes on, especially toward the end. Now, the sci-fi geek in me gets to thinking, maybe he is somehow evolving into a human.  Since his alien species and humans seem to have quite a bit in common, it didn’t seem too far of a stretch to conclude that maybe he *could* become human. And even if that didn’t work, I thought that maybe when his spaceship got there to pick him up, they could have been able to heal him/give him something/whatever so that he could be as close to human as possible (a.k.a. not get sick every time they kissed and actually be able to have the fun sexy times and maybe kids and get married and grow old and die with her, ya know.. HAPPY ENDING).  I had all these plausible theories in my head as to how it could work and I was really excited to see it play out. 

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This is NOT what happened. 

Apparently, he got sucked into some sort of wormhole. And then years later, after a lot of trial and error, he was able to come back for longer and longer periods of time before just POOFING AWAY RANDOMLY. Being back in outer space, he was able to heal, but he didn’t become *human*… 

So… he could love her, and he ended up coming back to her, but all of this presented a huge problem for me.  The drama ended with them being together and dealing with his semi constant disappearing and reappearing from the great beyond. Let me break this down why I was upset. 

HE DIDN’T BECOME HUMAN. HE LIVED HERE FOR 400 YEARS AND NOW HE’S BACK AND STILL BASICALLY IMMORTAL. Do Min Joon is going to outlive her. He’s still going to get sick when they kiss. This ending literally solves NONE of the problems that the drama seemed to want to fix. They ended up right back where they started pretty much aside from the fact that they admitted they loved each other. Sure, they are together finally, and that is nice, but for me, it was a shitty end to a good and promising drama. I feel like the writers just dropped the ball on the end of the show.  Having said this, I am a picky drama watcher and prefer only the happiest of happy endings. ^-^ 

I really hope that any of you that are watching this soon will enjoy (most of it) like I did.  And if you’ve already watched it, comment and let me know what you thought! 

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Happy drama watching!

-Admin Noona ( @hakyeonssassface )