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before vine  things were (also) strange. 


What Really Pisses Chuck Off – Game show legend Chuck Woolery discusses democracy and restarting Congress.


The ‘Love Connection’ Guy Takes on Foreign Oil in His Latest Parody!

Chuck Woolery is kind of on a role with these videos of his! Here’s the latest in his PSA-like video series where he discusses his solution to America’s dependence on foreign oil…

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I found out that Chuck Woolery was in a band in college, when my History of Broadcasting class watched a bunch of episodes of Playboy After Dark. (“History”!) One of them had his band (the Avant Garde) performing this song (“Naturally Stoned”) in the Mansion, surrounded by celebrities and (of course) comely ladies. This song’s OK, although it’s a bit circular. 

When I was a sickly kid I was a big fan of his Scrabble hosting. 


Chuck Woolery’s Un-Occupy Wall Street Movement

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bobby lost a whole lot more than just money.


the butch was clearly carrying this team.

The VERY First Live Action Meeting Between Superman And Batman Happened Decades Ago!

The VERY First Live Action Meeting Between Superman And Batman Happened Decades Ago!

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As every bit of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice news trickles in, it adds fuel to the fire that we’ll soon see the Man Of Steel (Henry Cavill) and The Caped Crusader (Ben Affleck) – let’s forget Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) – together for the first time in live action form on any screen EVER. This is what the film’s director Zack Snyder, Warner Brothers, and DC Entertainmenttell us, as well as…

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