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One of my own | Sweet Pea x Fem!reader

Anon’s request : Hi! Was hoping I could get a sweet pea imagine where he has a breakdown or cries in front of the reader? Love your work!!!!

Warning : hum, none? 


You were working at Pop’s, cleaning the counter as the bell above the door tingled, and you looked up as you heard booming laughters and deep voices. Some bulldogs, including Chuck and Reggie came in. You mentally scoffed as you took sight of your ex-boyfriend, Chuck. You dreaded the moment where you had to go over there and take their orders. You sighed, dropping your cleaning cloth and grabbing your notepad instead. You turned around but were stopped by FP.

“Want me to do it?” He asked, father-like concern in his voice.

You smiled but shook your head. “ No, it’s fine, I got it. Thank you.” You then made your way to the boys’ booth, hoping the smile on your face looked somehow real. “Hello boys, what can I get you today?”

“Well, how about a piece of you for starters?” Reggie said with his trade mark smirk and the other boys laughed at his remark, except for Chuck.

You decided to brush it off. “ Wow, Reggie, ever wonder why you’re still single?” You snapped back, and you saw Chuck smirking. The boys gave you their orders, and you went back towards the kitchen, you just finished giving your paper to the cook, when the bell rang again. You turned around, and a massive smile grew on your face. Your boyfriend Sweet Pea and both of your bestfriends Fangs and Toni walked in, and Sweet Pea immediately smiled as he saw you. You approached the counter as you greeted them.

“Hey guys! Want something?” You asked.

“Four buckets of curly fries, please.” Fangs said. You raised an eyebrow at him, chuckling. “ Four?” “I’m hungry, okay?” You laughed, and nodded, noting the order down before giving it to the cook. Toni and Fangs went to sit and Sweet Pea stayed behind.

“Hey you.” He said a smile on his lips, leaning on the counter.

“Hey.” You said, leaning towards him. “ Do you want something else?”

“A kiss from my favorite girl.”

“Your favorite girl? Because you have more than one?” You raised an eyebrow at him, and he shook his head, slightly laughing.

“Nah, you’re the only one.” He leaned and kissed your cheek. “ But you’re my favorite one.”

You rolled your eyes at his cheesiness, and kissed him fully on the lips. You stayed that way, before FP called you.

“Bodies off the counter. People eat on here, god.” He said as he smiled at the two of you.

“I’ll bring you your fries in a minute.” You told Pea, and pecked him one last time before going back to work. He went to join Toni and Fangs, and you noticed the Bulldog boys’ orders were ready.

You put them all on a large plate, and walked over their booth. “There you go, boys.”

“Where’s that sweet piece of your ass I asled for?” Reggie asked.

“Reggie. Stop it man!” Chuck snapped, and glared at him. You took a deep breath and said : “ Call me if you need anything else.” and you turned around, walking back to the counter but not before you heard what Reggie had to add.

“I need a piece of that ass, that’s for sure!”

You stopped in your tracks, and you could feel pairs of eyes on you. Part of you wanted to keep walking and not care, but part of you wanted to turn around and sock the boy in the jaw. You shot a look to your boyfriend all the way to the other side of the dinner. He instantly caught your eye, and frowned.He nodded at you, silently asking you if everything was okay, but before you could silently answer back, you heard a voice.

“Hey Y/N..”

You turned around and found Chuck, you knew him pretty well to know the look on his face. Shame, and confusion.

“I just wanted to apologize. He shouldn’t say things like that to you.” He said, his face showing his sincerity.

“You don’t have to do this, Chuck, it’s not your fault, and besides if you apologize each time Reggie said something inappropriate, you’d never stop.” You chuckled and Chuck smiled as well, nodding.

“Yeh, you’re right.” He smiled at you, and looked behind you. “ That’s your boyfriend there, right?”

You turned back and you saw Sweet Pea and you could swear if his eyes could kill, you’d probably be dead right now. You could feel the anger coming from him. You turned back to Chuck, and smiled awkwardly.

“Yes, it’s him.” You said simply.

“Yeh, I figured. Never saw someone glaring at me like that for no reason.” He chuckled and you chuckled too.

“Yeh.. Thanks for the apology. Even though you did nothing wrong.” You added and he nodded at you before going back to join his team, and you went back to work. You went behind the counter for the next round of orders, and you were about to give Toni and Fangs their milkshakes when you saw Pea suddenly storming out of the dinner. You turned to Fangs and Topaz and they both looked apologetic and something told you it had something to do with your conversation with Chuck. You gave them their milkshakes and went back to work. During a slow time, you shot Sweet Pea a text, asking him if he was okay. You waited and waited, but no answer came. You bit your lip, growing worried.

“Go to him, I’ll cover for you.” You looked up and saw FP nod at you. You wanted to say no, but something in your gut told you to listen him.You dropped you little apron, and your order notepad on the corner of the counter, and left Pop’s in a hurry. You walked in a hurry towards the Southside. You felt a bit exposed, with your quite revealing outfit, but you hoped that no one would trouble you. Thankfully, no one did, and you reached Sweet Pea’s trailer soon after. His motorcycle was here, so you knew he was here. You walked the few stairs, and knocked on the door. No answer. You knocked again. Nothing.

“Pea, I know you’re here.”

You heard noises and in a few minutes, the door opened, and you entered as Pea retreated to the living room. He looked distressed, his hair looked like it had been tugged and pulled in frustration, and he looked suddenly tired, his eyes a little red. He sat down on the couch, and you hesitated before joining him. You knew him well enough to know that he needed space when he was having a moment, and that he would let you know if he wanted you to come over. He had his hands put over the other, leaning his forehead on them.

“What happened?” You asked in a whisper. You had an idea, but you didn’t want to assume things.

“Do you love me?” He asked in a blurt.

What. What could even make he think that you didn’t? “ Pea, of course I do, you know that!” You exclaimed. He didn’t answer you, and you crossed the space between the two of you. Grabbing his face between your small hands, you lifted his head and his eyes met yours, and for a second your heart broke at the sight ; you took in the sadness which had settled in those soft brown eyes you knew so well. Staring at him, you made sure he knew that you meant every word out of your mouth.

“I love you. You, and only you. I don’t know what made you think that I didn’t, but I do. God Pea, I love you so much. I want you, and I belong to you.”

He searched through your eyes for a while as he listened to you, and you could see tears threatening to fall, and it broke your heart to see him like that.

“It’s just.. I saw you with Chuck, and I saw you laughing with him and I just thought.. what if you realized you were better with a Northsider, y'know? What if you preferred one of your own? And I just , I couldn’t stand the idea of you not being mine and I just..”

You took him in your arms as he cried, you held him as he let out his insecurities about losing you. You made sure to whisper that you loved him, that you weren’t going to leave him, ever, that you would stay as long as he wanted you to. Once he calmed down, you leaned back and pressed a kiss on his lips.

“You’re one of my own.” You whispered. He kissed you then, and hugged you again. He was yours and you were his, nothing could change that.


Hope you enjoyed it :)


One day Cynthia admits to Evan that Connor used to love jokes, like how she did in A Little Bit of Light (;-;), and Evan makes it his life goal to get Connor to laugh at those types of cheesy jokes he used to love.

He’d try knock knock jokes, some classics, a large variety of puns, he even went out of his way to find some to appeal to Connor’s darker sense of humor, all to little or no avail.

(Connor chucked at a dirty joke one time that left Evan a blushing mess but at least he got that small victory)

One day they skip lunch together in the library, Evan writing a mythology paper and Connor reading something for English. It’s a pretty normal afternoon, Connor intermittently complaining about his book as Evan struggles to remember the countless Greek stories he’s analyzing.

“I mean this guy fucked his own mom, who writes this stuff?”

And suddenly the answer is there, right in front of him. Evan looks between his friend’s book and his own paper. This was it, this was his chance.

“If Oedipus and King Midas met, it’d be pure m-motherfucking gold.”

Evan never really liked to swear, but it was nessesary for the joke. Besides, watching Connor freeze on the spot, slowly lower his book, and break into hysterics was well worth the profanity.

They end up getting kicked out of the library because Connor is hyperventilating and Evan can’t really hold back his snort-laughter, and Evan’s so triumphant he can barely apologize to the librarian with a straight face as they’re escorted out of the room.

Opinions on last night’s riverdale

- “ white washing history ” YES ! YES! YES! Thank God for Toni Topaz 👏
- I love how they’re going with Veronica’s storyline really. How she’s taking a part into the family business. How she accepts that her family is different and that can’t change.
-Kevin had actual relevant screentime and my boy killed it!
-Also Chuck is a snack like idk about you lads but he’s a hottie
-my girl Cheryl owning up and then taking the stand with the Serpents THAT’S MY GIRL yes! 👏👏 ( you can go and bond with your girlfriend now it’s okay)
-My boys Fangs and Pea had close to zero screentime so i’ll just make up scenarios in my head
-I don’t really care about the whole Cooper storyline ?? I don’t care about them anymore??

That’s it for me

simpleplan: Last night, the guys from @thevamps came out to see us play and it was awesome to meet them and hang out! Tonight, we decided to return the favor and come watch their show and it’s been a blast! We took this photo just a few minutes before they got on stage! Have a great show, lads! 📸: @goodguychady