I felt the ‘color’ took away from my lineart (cuz I spent hours on that lineart. guh, there’s gotta be an easier way to do that), so I’m gonna put up both the colored version and just the lineart. Couldn’t do a fully detailed color job cuz I gotta head to bed, but if anyone wants to color it, just ask! You’ll prolly do a better job, haha.

Anyway, I have been meaning to do a picture based on rebornica‘s Night Terror stuff for a while, and when I saw Chronophobia I couldn’t resist. Hope I got the details right!

His scythe is a bitch to draw. The design is awesome, though.

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Why Chronophobia is one of the worst fears ever

Today school started an hour later than usual, so I was going to sleep in a little. I hadn’t turned my alarm off, though, and woke up at seven anyways. Since I knew a few of my friends would still be online at that time, I went on skype instead of going back to sleep.

After that, I just kept watching the clock. And before I even knew it, almost all the time had passed. I stayed in bed though. I couldn’t find the will to get up. And slowly, my geers in my mind started turning.

By then, I was trying hard not to break down and have a complete panic attack. Because that’s what was going on; my mind started thinking about time, how it moved too fast, how I had no control, how I just wanted it to stop, stop, stop!

… In the end, I stayed home from school since I was already that late and I only had one class.

But several times today, the panic returned. Over and over, and I have to distract my mind to the point of exhaustion to not give in and just… freak out. But it never goes away, ever. No matter how much you don’t think about it, it’s still there. So long as the concept of time exists, the fear will be there.

It never goes away.

That’s why chronophobia, the fear of time, is so horrible. You can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it. You’re trapped in a box, stuck with a constant ticking sound of a clock. Time keeps chasing, and you can’t run. You can’t stop it. You can’t slow it down. You can’t do anything. You have to learn to live with it. You have to accept that you will always, now and probably forever, be afraid, panic and freak out if you so much as think about it. And NOT thinking about it takes effort, which leaves you tense and on edge. It’s awful.

I’d much rather have an extreme fear of spiders instead……


“Chronophobia” by: Troubled Minds
Album: Two Songs EP, 2013

Scared myself the other day 
I felt like I slept through the past year 
And I’ve been thinking way too hard 
About things I know don’t matter to me 

Sometimes I wonder how time passes by 
Watch as the sand falls through the hourglass 
We don’t get too many chances around here 
And if you’d ask me personally I’d say it’s kind of embarrassing 
But it’s more embarrassing that the mountains, the mountains, that surround me make me feel small 

They make me feel so… 
Will I regret all that I’ve done wrong? 
Will I regret writing this song? 
Will I regret all that I’ve done wrong?

These guys are also from Chronophobia, but I lke to put them in other things I work on. I remember I actually started sketching these guys during a biology lecture on fungi.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t want a mycloid assistant following you around.

Carrying things.

Lighting up you room for late night studying.

Getting you toilet paper when you’ve dumped and there’s none left.

Only a fool wouldn’t want that.

A fool.


Chronophobia (Acoustic Version)
  • Chronophobia (Acoustic Version)
  • Bad Religion
  • New Maps Of Hell

These rational delusions have got to cease
The second hand has finally got the best of me
I’m too aware about the singularity
That brought me to the edge of time
And it’s always on my mind now

They say what has passed is coming back some day
The world is turning faster but it’s just one way
And I’m desperate to try most anything to breed

A simple Chronophobia
A simple Chronophobia now
A simple Chronophobia
A simple Chronophobia now

Maybe there’s a science or technology
To help me come to terms with my maker
Since natural selection never banked on me
I must be an exception to the plan

Someone help me understand now
Cryogenic methods are intractable
And collagen polymers aren’t so terrible
But they still can’t prevent the inevitable farewell

A simple Chronophobia
A simple Chronophobia now
A simple Chronophobia
A simple Chronophobia now

The Signs As Fears
  • Aries:Decidophobia - The fear of making decisions.
  • Taurus:Autophobia - The fear of being alone, or the fear of oneself
  • Gemini:Sedatephobia - The fear of silence
  • Cancer:Necrophobia - The fear of death
  • Leo:Monophobia - The fear of solitude
  • Virgo:Neophobia - The fear of anything new
  • Libra:Prosophobia - The fear of progress
  • Scorpio:Angrophobia - The fear of anger, or the fear of becoming angry
  • Sagittarius:Gerascophobia - The fear of growing up
  • Capricorn:Atychiphobia - The fear of failure
  • Aquarius:Agliophobia - The fear of pain
  • Pisces:Chronophobia - The fear of time

I think everyone is a little chronophobic. Because time is a scary thing if you think about it.

Time moves ever forward. There’s nothing you can do to stop it.

You lose each moment as it comes to you. Moments you can never get back.

And of course, the nagging truth that at any moment your time could be up.

It’s enough to drive anyone mad if you let it.