Make them GELous!

Want stronger, thicker, shinier nails? Make them GELous by choosing the healthy alternative to Gel Manicures provided by Chrome Girl! Try the all-new Gel-Like Top Coat; the gel alternative that’s free of harsh chemicals and does not involve invasive removal.

            The Chrome Girl ladies live a busy and active life! Jaime and Melissa are constantly hard at work and continually living life to the fullest! Especially as moms, they know the struggle of always trying to keep a “freshly manicured” look! Although it is nice getting pampered at the nail salon, unfortunately life does not always allow time for such luxuries! So instead of hassling with the manicure appointments and crowded salons, give yourself a gel manicure right from the comfort of your own home! Use any Chrome Girl Nail Lacquer topped with the all-new Chrome Girl Gel-Like Top Coat that provides a longer lasting manicure, a thicker, stronger nail, a glossy finish, and far less chipping than a regular top coat!

            And when you are ready for a new Chrome Girl color, the Gel-like Top Coat and the Nail Lacquer come off with ease using the Chrome Girl Genie Remover Pads!

All Chrome Girl Products, including the new Gel-Like Top Coat are free of toxic and harsh chemicals; they are cruelty free, vegan, and made in the USA! So make ‘em GELous by having Chrome Girl right at your fingertips!